38 Of The Most Iconic Moments That Happened In Pakistan In 2019

By Maryam Khalid | 31 Dec, 2019

iconic moments of 2019

2019 is officially coming to end with all its bittersweet memories. We are about to enter 2020, the beginning of a goddamn new decade. So let’s commemorate the most iconic moments we have witnessed in 2019.


1. One of the first iconic moments of 2019 was when Imran Khan turned into the personal chauffeur for the crown prince of Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed arrived in Pakistan to meet Imran Khan. Our PM hopped into the front seat and drove the prince straight to the PM house.


2. Asia Bibi finally left for Canada after she was acquitted by the Supreme Court in a blasphemy case against her

Source: tribune.com.pk


3. India unleashed a surgical strike on Pakistan and killed…. 15 pine trees

India claimed to have killed 300 terrorists in the attack on Balakot. Whereas, we as a nation suffered the loss of 15 trees and a poor crow.


4. Pakistan served some “fantastic tea” to Wing Commander Abhinandan who was captured during India’s failed “strike”

After his jet was shot down, Abhinandan wasn’t retained as a prisoner. Instead, he was offered a ‘fantastic’ cup of tea and returned to India with dignity. This effort intended to bring peace among the two nuclear-power nations and Abhinandan’s tea became extremely viral.


5. YouTuber Froggy got punched in the face after a phadda between her husband Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai caused major drama

Source: Queen Froggy/ YouTube


6. In one of the most iconic moments of 2019, Pakistani women called out patriarchy with a badass Aurat March

Women of all backgrounds, moral values and across a wide spectrum joined together in a now-iconic march that triggered quite a few men.

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7. A silly ”Mard March” came in response, with the most offensive posters ever


8. Mehwish Hayat won Tamgha -e- Imtiaz but people had lots of hatred toward her


9. Imran Khan made it to Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019 list

Source: news18.com


10. The PTI Government went viral ALL OVER THE WORLD after Shaukat Yousafzai’s press conference became viral

Source: @UrduSpot/Twitter


11. Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali announced the news we had been waiting for too long


12. This angry Pakistani fan became a meme for eternity for his expressions at Pakistani team’s terrible performance in the World Cup

This World Cup also cemented Pakistanis as having the best sense of humor even in the worst of times.


13. India illegally occupied Kashmir and cut down all communication in the region leading Pakistanis to be their only voice of support

The illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir region by the Modi-led Indian Government continues to this day.


14. A Pakistani girl called out Priyanka Chopra over her hypocrisy and exposed her for the world to see

Priyanka insensitively tweeted in favor of war when the tensions between the two countries were already escalated. Ayesha Malik criticized her over ”humanitarian” statements. Here stands our queen.


15. Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his shaadi with his “platonic friend” Naimal Khawar


16. Still, they had the most gorgeous wedding ever, starting the trend for simple celebrity weddings


17. Karachi was ranked as the world’s second-highest consumer of cannabis for the second year in a row


18. Imran Khan gave a monumental speech at the UN General Assembly, speaking on behalf of the oppressed Kashmiris

Source: dawn.com

That 50-minute speech gave everyone major goosebumps.


19. Mahira Khan casually hung out with Camila Cabello at Cannes

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20. The Pakistan Index ranked Major Adnan Sami as the world’s third-best spy

Major Sami was recently outed as a spy (it’s a joke) and ever since every move of his has made major news.


21. Usman was epically friendzoned and everyone in Pakistan felt for him


22. Kate Middleton and Prince William came to Pakistan and Pakistanis fell in love with Kate


23. The Tezgam Express caught fire, killing 65, and the railway minister laughed it off by saying it was the passengers’ own fault


24. A Fortuner on motorway went viral for all the ”naughty” reasons

PK’s concept of dancing cars just got very real. *COUGH COUGH*


25. Singer Rabi Pirzada found herself in a massive scandal after a large number of intimate photos and videos of hers leaked online

After the excessive trolling, the incident prompted her to announce that she is retiring from showbiz.


26. In the most WTF news, Mufti Kifayatullah said that “Wiki” of WikiLeaks is Jemima Khan’s cousin

This all happened while Mufti sahab‘s party, the JUI F, was leading a dharna in the capital, demanding an end to the PTI Government.

And Jemima Khan responded:


27. Despite recent actions by India, Pakistan formally inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol visited along with the famous friend-of-Pakistan Sidhu Paa jee.

It allowed the Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit the religious site in Pakistan without even needing a visa.


28. Hamza Ali Abbasi announced that he is quitting the entertainment industry


29. Students mobilized the crowd for a brief but very iconic moment

The crowd clapped and applauded the students’ narration to the beat of the drum.


30 TikTok star Hareem Shah became a little too notorious for her antics, connections and videos

Source: dialoguepakistan.com


31. Tomatoes became so expensive that a bride wore them as jewelry on her big day

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


32. Altaf Hussain made some weird AF statements on Indian TV

After he was indicted in the UK, where he has been living in self-imposed exile, after running away from Pakistan, Altaf tried to ask Modi for refuge.

After Altaf Bhai pleaded Modi for asylum in India, Arnab Goswami invited him on his talk show. The rest is history. Also, he flirted with Indian anchor live on another talk show.


33. After days and days of debates and controversy, Nawaz Sharif finally left for London, on the grounds of his deteriorating health


34. Pakistan was ranked as the number one holiday destination in the world for 2020


35. Lawyers in Lahore attacked a hospital and endangered innocent patients


36. The drama Mere Paas Tum Ho introduced everyone to the now-iconic “2 takkay ki aurat” jokes

The drama has become a cultural phenomenon after such iconic moments but the writer’s misogynistic ideals are problematic AF.


37. Former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf got sentenced to death

And then the judges went a little too far in their judgment.

Source: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images


38. Malala shone brightly on the cover of Teen Vogue Magazine

2019 was definitely a year of progress but also drama. What was the most iconic moment of this year according to you? Sound off in the comments below.


43 Of The Most Viral Moments That Happened In Pakistan In 2018


Cover image via @UrduSpot via Twitter / @Rabipirzada via Twitter

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