Major Adnan Sami Just Ranked As The World's Third Best Spy And Pakistanis Are Super Proud

By Maryam Khalid | 7 Oct, 2019

Major Adnan Sami just ranked among the top spies in the whole world

We all are pretty aware of Major Adnan Sami’s furtive mission to spy on India while acting that he despises Pakistan. Kudos to our fearless warrior who continues to serve his country despite being exposed a million times. He’s been carrying out his job in tough situations and he was just rewarded for it.


Major Adnan Sami has continued to bluff Indians by assuring that all his loyalties lie with India


He has done some incredible work to make sure that his cover remains intact


Major Adnan Sami just ranked among the best spies in the whole world recently

Thus, paying tribute to his impeccable services for the country, The Pakistan Index has included Major Adnan Sami as the third most daring and dangerous spy in the world.

It definitely takes a lot of courage to go undercover in India and convince them that you’re one of them. He has put his life on stake just to deliver us encrypted messages, direct from India. We cannot thank you enough.


Pakistanis are really proud that Major Adnan Sami ranked among the best in his job


They’re congratulating him for his accomplished mission


People are speculating on the strategy that might have helped Major Adnan Sami getting ranked as high as he did


Some are even concerned for his safety after the word is out of his high ranking among the spy world

Being recognized along with the world’s best spies is  no child’s play. It takes a lot of struggle and oscar-worthy acting. Undoubtedly, he is our best spy. Let’s just hope that Major Adnan Sami keeps on making us proud of all the good work he is doing for Pakistan. Good luck Major sahab.


Major Adnan Sami’s Son Just Said He Wouldn’t Go To India Like His Dad And Pakistanis Are Feeling Proud

Pakistanis Are Congratulating Major Adnan Sami For Making PM Imran Khan’s Wish Of Electing Modi Come True


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