There's A Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Going Around About Adnan Sami, And We’re LOL-ing So Hard

By Arslan Athar | 28 Feb, 2019

Adnan Sami invokes a lot of anger in Pakistanis. At one time, Sami was at the height of his career in Pakistan but he left it all to move to India and become an Indian.

Adnan Sami takes whatever chance he gets to really stick it to Pakistan. 

He received a lot of hate for this tweet he made when India did a surgical strike in Pakistan, back in 2016.


Now, of course, such an Indian patriot would definitely have had something to say when India crossed the LoC a few days ago.


He went on to talk about our ‘Ostrich Mentality’.

The fuck….


We went into this tweet expecting to find Pakistanis cursing him, but we found something totally unexpected.

*speaking softly* You guys, Adnan Sami is actually an undercover ISI agent. Who knew? 

Turns out all the anti-Pakistan stuff he said; it was all for his job! The man is doing some incredible work- he’s got the Indians fooled.

Source: Twitter


Ever since his tweets came out, Pakistanis have been praising the work done by Major Adnan Sami. 


Matlab, Pakistanis cannot be more thankful for his contributions to the armed forces.




Pakistanis love Major Adnan SO much that they’re willing to trade him for Abhinandan. 




Considering the current tense relations a lot of people are praying for his safety. 


Major Adnan Sami is a true asset of the nation. 


Seems like we’ve all misunderstood Adnan Sami. It takes a lot to go undercover, that too in India, but you know what guys, I think he’s convinced them that he’s one of them. Let’s just hope he doesn’t screw it up and gets caught, it’s not like India can find tweets or a MangoBaaz article about his status online….

Source: CBS

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