Everyone Loves How Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Is Being Treated With Dignity By Pakistani Army

By Manahil | 27 Feb, 2019

Wing Commannder Abhinandan sipping tea and spilling tea

Videos circulating a few hours earlier show Pakistani army treating Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan with compassion

His fighter jet was shot down because he entered a Pakistani airfield earlier today.


Other videos circulating also show that the Pakistan army saved the Wing Commander from a mob during which he was being attacked. 


And everyone is loving it. 


People are even trying to reason with angered Indians who are still hungry for more blood after this aggressive and scary morning


Although a few people are upset and worried about just the fact that this happened in the first place, maybe rightfully so the videos circulating show a completely different story

He’s safe and he’s being treated with respect. And… just like we Pakistani’s love chai, so do they.

What more could the army do to make him feel more comfortable?! The level of respect and dignity they have given this man is noteworthy.

As can be seen in the video, Wing Commander Abhinandan, says “I will not change my statement if I go back to my country.” giving us a full heads up that he’s A-OK. 


Hopefully, this will be seen as an act of humanity by the Indian government. But we don’t know for sure how they’ll react – as the two longtime rivals don’t always see eye-to-eye but there’s always hope for better

A commendable job by the Pakistani Army. Take this treatment of Wing Commander Abhinandan as a token of kindness and humanity and make a decision that will return this level of compassion.


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Cover image: @SidqJaan via Twitter / brecorder.com

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