People Of Pakistan & India Are Asking For Peace After Shit Hit The Roof Today

By Sarmad Amer | 27 Feb, 2019

Pakistan & India have been on some sort of dick measuring contest it seems and things are actually getting quite out of hand. Commercial flights across Pakistan have been suspended and the population of both countries is starting to feel the agitation of the actual possibility of war.


After the Pulwama attack and escalation of negative comments from Indian government and celebrities, yesterday India crossed the LOC in violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty


Naturally, this pissed a lot of people in Pakistan and there were demands for a “retaliation”.


Pakistan’s DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor said Pakistan would surprise India and earlier today, two Indian fighter jets were shot down by Pakistani forces and two Indian pilots captured.

While this action was celebrated by the public of Pakistan, tensions on both sides of the border have risen to the highest they’ve ever been on.


Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj as well as DG ISPR Ghafoor have done press conferences addressing that the escalation of tensions was inevitable, the way statements were going from both sides, but it is unwanted


Because shit has quite literally hit the roof between the two perpetual rivals, some sane people on both the sides are now demanding for peace

The two countries are nuclear capable and emotional, a full-blown war between the two will never end well for anyone and these people on both sides of the border understand that.


Appeals are being made to Prime Ministers Imran Khan and Narendra Modi to talk and address the conflict instead of trying to one-up each other with bombings and shooting down jets and whatnot.


The entire India-Pakistan population rounds about to be approximately 1.4 billion. Do you not realize how big of a number that is?

Can you not gauge the extent of human and economic loss this war is expected to bring? Your coming generations will suffer for hundreds of years. Does that all sound like a joke to you, imbeciles?


While most of you go around preaching people about not making cancer jokes and about how it is insensitive to do so, where is all the sensitivity now?

Dear Pakistanis and Indians, a nuclear war is not a joke. It is about time we stop making it out to be a trivial thing that can be dealt with a few jokes. Try and act like mature people for once, who can get past silly blame games and actually resolve issues as adults. Also, maybe just leave the anger on the cricket fields.



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