India Just Crossed The LOC Into Pakistan And No One Exactly Knows WTF Is Happening

By Biya Haq | 26 Feb, 2019



Indian warplanes officially crossed into the Line Of Control on the Pakistan patrolled side of Kashmir, this morning.

The jet’s violations were revealed by the Inter-Services- Public Relations (ISPR) on Twitter not long after the entry had taken place.

As the Indian jets left, they allegedly dropped a ‘payload’ in the Muzaffarabad sector in Kashmir, three to four miles into our LOC.

No casualties had been reported and details have yet to be revealed and according to reports from India, the ‘quantum of the damage has not been ascertained.’

Due to animosity between Pakistan and India in the last week or so following the Pulwama Attack, this kind of notion can easily be cause for Pakistan to make a move or officially become mobile in its retaliation, promised by Imran Khan. The last attack intentionally hit across the border was in 1971.


However, since the news has been broken, it seems as though Pakistanis have really no clue as to what is actually happening, and are terrified.


Though our DG ISPR was clear in reporting the events that took place in the North, it has been quite riveting and confusing for Pakistanis when he announced that the planes had entered into Balakot instead of Bala Kote, Kashmir where they actually landed.


Apart from that mishap, it seems that both sides of the media have been telling different stories.

While no reports of casualties have been revealed to Pakistanis, it seems that in India, the deaths of 200-300 Pakistanis are being reported on national news.

While, we, Pakistanis. are claiming that the only thing destroyed were trees.

Suffice to say, at this point, it’s basically as though someone yelled, ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded movie theatre and both sides of the cinema are scrambling, trying to evade national emergency and a potential war.


It is no surprise that everyone is freaking the fuck out.

And of course, it seems that our neighbors have no clue as to what is going on.

Source: Quint

The situation at hand is quite the risky one and due to these alleged attacks, it doesn’t seem as though it is going to get any better. What the attacks at Pulwama caused may just be building into something much bigger for both countries and the fear that Pakistanis are feeling may not be irrational at all.

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