Here’s How This Week Is Going To End Up For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign | 25th February – 3rd March 2019

By Nai Dulhan | 25 Feb, 2019

What’s your zodiac sign got in store for you this week? Let’s find out


Guys, here we are, one more time, with your kismet ki kahani. Let’s see what your stars have to say about how your week between 25th February and 3rd March 2019.

Let’s get right into the juice.



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You know all those signs and billboards you see on your way to work or school? Yeah, they won’t make sense to you on Monday or Tuesday. Basically, you will want to be super productive on these two days, but karma just won’t stop being a bitch, and you’ll feel lost. Don’t worry, hota hai boss. Just try to distract yourself by focusing on other things and people.

By Wednesday, your life and mind will be back in order and the possibilities will not become clear once more. Thursday will throw one adventure after the other, your way. Whereas Friday will try to baffle you with a couple of crazy obstacles, but you being you, will find this therapeutic. On Sunday, someone’s smile makes you smile even more.



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Fantasies and dreams of the future will keep you occupied on Monday and Tuesday. You will think of all the possible job opportunities, to the person you will spend your life with to what you’ll look like in the future – it’ll be that crazy. You might even talk to a friend about all this.

On Wednesday and Thursday, pacing to and fro is going to be common for you. Are you too quick, or not quick enough? But on Friday, you will long for some meaningful interactions with the ones you enjoy spending time with. The future will seem distant and uninteresting, as the present will seem beautiful all of a sudden. The weekend will have you indulging in some retail therapy.



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You know, we understand that at one hand, you feel angry and frustrated about your career choices and dream of making a change for yourself. On the other hand, everything seems out of order and blurry on Monday and Tuesday – and honestly, you can’t do much about anything. It is better to try to let others know about your feelings on another day – when you’ll be able to articulate the words in a more effective manner.

On Wednesday, you will probably be surrounded by friends who would love to ask for your advice; maybe you could share your inner feelings with them too? That’s a call you have to make. Thursday looks like a great day, but Friday and Saturday require immense focus from you. You will be able to achieve a million and one things, that too all at once! Some harmless flirting on Sunday makes you feel refreshed and back in the game.



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Go ahead and take the leap of faith on Monday and Tuesday. It is true that sometimes the ideal way to figure yourself out is when you put yourself in new, challenging situations and see how well it works for you. No wonder you have philosophical thoughts surrounding you. Wednesday and Thursday are, again, going to test your intellectual abilities, along with your emotional abilities as well. Make sure you don’t utter a word before you know exactly what your game plan is going to be.

Moreover, don’t take things personally, especially if it is in your control. Friday and Saturday seem to be under a charm and you will have a fair chance to dazzle others as well, probably on a date or random dinner with friends. On Sunday, things look super busy for you.



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People, how many times do you need to be told – DO NOT BUY SHIT ON THE INTERNET – unless you’ve done your proper research? On Monday, make sure you do this before you give out your credit card number to any shady AF websites. Tuesday will make you realize that, no matter how latest the gadget, it cannot solve your problems for ya! Wednesday and Thursday will be so enlightening that you will feel like you’re back in your classroom once again. Darn it, even nature is trying to teach you a thing or two.

Friday and Saturday will be about searching and researching the questions and their answers, especially related to your career – but don’t expect a clear direction at the end of it all. However, your buddies will put things in perspective for you on Sunday.



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We know and understand that you’re super duper caught up with work and some more work. Heck, we won’t be surprised if you have stacks and stacks of papers that you need to organize on Monday and Tuesday. A good idea would be to prioritize and get down to some serious work. Not only will this be therapeutic for you, but it will also make you appreciate yourself more. At work, if you don’t feel like helping someone out, don’t do it yaar. You already have a lot of shit of your own.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you will only want to take up tasks that actually matter to you. Over the weekend, the most important thing to you is your compatibility with a certain person. Expect some deep conversations with a dear friend.



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You and a certain person in your life are totally hitting it at the moment. The chemistry is right and the timings are just right! On Monday and Tuesday, flexibility of mind and character is the key to be happy. Wednesday and Thursday are also relationship oriented days – and this doesn’t mean it has to be a romantic relationship, rather it also includes the relationship you enjoy with your parents and siblings or anyone for that matter! Friday is going to be full of beautiful surprises but there might be an element of anxiety, especially when it comes to a certain relationship. Saturday and Sunday seem harmonious and peaceful.



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You and your buddies are all up in your game on Monday and Tuesday, when it comes to getting access to information and making use of it. You will love to call the important shots on behalf of everyone, but you also have some goals that you need to fulfill, in order to satisfy your own inner demon as well.

A possibility of a conflict arises on Wednesday and Thursday, so make sure you go an extra mile to support someone else’s game plan. Although it might seem like a little bit of a sacrifice for you, it will also relieve you of some unnecessary responsibility. On Friday and Saturday, some more compromise and sacrifice is required. However, on Sunday you’ll finally be out of the rut and ready to roll.



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Hey Sag, we know you’re having trouble starting that ol’ engine on Monday. You have all the right things going on and you’re doing what you do on a regular basis, but the results say otherwise. How fucking annoying is that? Tuesday will again look a little similar, and so don’t lose your shit.

Wednesday and Thursday, however, everything falls into its right into place, as the most seemingly impossible tasks seem to be getting done in a jiffy, even though they’re difficult and annoying! Friday and Saturday, you need to make sure that you keep the communication flow open, smooth and healthy. Sunday should be spent without your phone and with someone who needs you. Maybe a hammock, a nice glass of meethi lassi and sleep!



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We’re thinking that maybe this is the right time to take some time off and get your creative and decorative juices flowing in the first half of the week, to decorate your house and make it feel more “you” and homely. The more creative you are, the better it is. In the second half of the week, however, your creative juices will all drain out and you’ll be back to the grind. Your family needs you, your boss wants you in office and it seems as if the whole world is dependent on you.

On Friday and Saturday, you will get an opportunity to become crazy and creative again, and honestly, that will be the best thing you’ll hear! Sunday will be more about intellectual creativity.



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Hey there, your credit card seems to be reaching its maximum limit and basically, you’re close to being broke AF. Is this because of a crisis that you’re going through? Certainly not, but let’s just relax on the spending a little and take it easy on Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday you will be used to this frugal lifestyle – for a while at least, and might even look forward to being thrifty. Thursday, on the other hand, is full to the brim with creative and advanced ideas, and lots of altruism, while Friday and Saturday will see you experience major leaps in terms of understanding your family. Sunday is filled with love and laughter.



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Dear fish, we know that you are at your happiest point when you are helping someone out and taking the burden on to your frail and sensitive shoulders. Although you don’t like it when your friends are sad, it’s just that when they are sad and down in the dumps, you don’t like anything but to make them happier, especially on this Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday are going to be full of puzzles and riddles, many of which you have devised on your own, while Friday is going to see you display your softer side of life, quite literally. Lots of pampering and TLC is on the cards. On Saturday, you must write that someone special, a love letter or even a Whatsapp message. Sab chalta hai yaar. Sunday is going to be more aesthetically pleasing, with music and poetry, or even some good old TV to keep you entertained.


So, there you have it people, another week, another prediction of your kismet ka haal. How does the week look like for ya?


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