Shaan Replied To Mahira's Pro-Peace Tweet And I'm Finding A Wall To Bang My Head Against

By Arslan Athar | 27 Feb, 2019

Shaan responds to Mahira and her pro-peace tweet.


Pakistani media and celebrities, are for the most part advocating for peace in the current tense relations between India and Pakistan. People online are applauding them for taking the high road and calling for an end to tensions.


Many celebrities and influential people have been calling for peace, especially after today’s developments. 



One of the voices of peace was Mahira Khan, who made a strong statement about warmongering.


There were many conflicting comments coming up on her tweet. Some called her out for not speaking, or for speaking in such a way that saves her relationship with Bollywood.


Some of Mahira’s Indian fans did not appreciate her comment.


While all this was going on, fellow actor, Shaan Shahid replied to Mahira and we’re just stunned.


Of course, given the current climate, a LOT of people sided with Shaan.


He was called ‘brave’.


The common theme of ‘working for Bollywood’ kept coming up. 


Apparently, scores were being kept.


Pakistan and India have had tense relations since forever, this is nothing new to any of us. This time, what is different is that we, as a nation, are projecting ourselves as a nation that wants peace over all else. Everyone seems to be on board with this line of thinking and it’s best to present a united front. Actors and artists are meant to be people who positively influence the population, and it’s good to see that so many from the film industry are advocating for peace. As for Shaan, well it takes time to things to change, especially when it comes to India-Pakistan relations, so let’s hope he sees the overwhelming positives of not fighting a war.

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