Pakistan Just “Surprised” India By Striking Two Indian Jets And This Is Actually Getting Out Of Hand

By Sarmad Amer | 27 Feb, 2019

Indian jets down and this is a little too much now


Two Indian jets were taken down by Pakistan Air Force this morning after another altercation between the two countries, this morning.

After the Pulwama Incident on February 14, Pakistan and India have been going through some of the worst days between their already tense relationship. Threats of “retaliation” over what Indian government and people were blaming to be Pakistan’s actions were hurled until yesterday India crossed the LOC into Pakistani territory.

Heavy shelling happened near the Sialkot border area last night, allegedly and this morning the Pakistani military is claiming that two Indian fighter jets were struck down after India crossed the LOC yet again.


This latest development comes after Pakistan Air Force itself carried out strikes across the LOC, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Naturally, this striking down of Indian jets is not a very positive development between the two nuclear states but some people are celebrating this as Pakistan striking back at India


But thankfully there are many a sane minds who think this new incident only means that the two countries aren’t thinking maturely

People on both sides of the border are saying no to war because nothing can be solved with fighting or killing each other. The millions of years worth of war history of the world, and their own 70 plus years of devastation of war, should be a lesson for the two countries.


Here’s hoping that this just stops before it gets any worse between India and Pakistan



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