Unveiling the New Cola Next TVC with Hamza Ali Abbasi: Celebrating Pakistani Pride

By MangoBaaz Studio | 26 Mar, 2024

Cola Next, the beloved beverage brand under the renowned Mezan Group, has once again captured the essence of Pakistani culture and pride in its latest television commercial (TVC). Featuring the charismatic Hamza Ali Abbasi, the new TVC is a celebration of all things Pakistani, from its vibrant colors to its rich heritage.


Watch the TVC Here: Cola Next TVC


In line with their commitment to championing local talent and culture, Cola Next’s official hashtag for the campaign is #KyunKeColaNextHaiPakistani, inviting viewers to join the conversation and share their love for Pakistani identity.


The anthem accompanying the TVC has taken over social media platforms, igniting a wave of patriotism and pride among netizens. With its catchy tune and inspiring lyrics, the anthem has become a rallying cry for Pakistanis everywhere, showcasing the power of advertising to unite a nation.


As Cola Next continues to uphold its legacy of service to the nation, providing international standard products and state-of-the-art technologies, it calls upon consumers to support the local Pakistani brand by choosing Cola Next for their refreshment needs.

To further engage its loyal customers, Cola Next has launched the Share & Win Contest. Simply take pictures enjoying Cola Next, share them on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ColaNextPakistan, and stand a chance to win a three-month supply of Cola Next. It’s a fantastic opportunity for fans to not only enjoy their favorite beverage but also reap rewarding benefits.


This initiative reflects Cola Next’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and appreciation for Pakistani products, encouraging consumers to take pride in their nation’s offerings. So, why wait? Join the movement, embrace your Pakistani pride, and grab a Cola Next today! Remember, every sip supports the spirit of Pakistan.


About Cola Next and Mezan Group:


Cola Next, a flagship brand of the Mezan Group, has been serving the Pakistani community with excellence for over four decades. Committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Cola Next continues to set the standard for beverage excellence in Pakistan and beyond.


Let’s raise our glasses to Cola Next and the Mezan Group, for their unwavering dedication to serving the nation and celebrating Pakistani pride in every sip.







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