Pakistanis Have Started A Petition To Remove Priyanka Chopra From Her Position As UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

By Arslan Athar | 28 Feb, 2019

Yesterday Priyanka Chopra joined in with her fellow Bollywood actors in celebrating India’s crossing of the sensitive LOC between Pakistani and Indian Occupied Kashmir.


People were quick to call out the actor and point out that such statements are in direct opposition to her status as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. 



People were pretty outraged at Priyanka for her statement and were tagging the UN and UNICEF, asking them to revoke her status. Some people read her tweet as her simply expressing her patriotism and not supporting a war. These people argued that she supported the Indian Air Force for their efforts, and NOT Modi’s warmongering behavior. They back this up by saying how she didn’t use phrases like ‘India Strikes Back.’


No matter how people read it, this tweet has definitely stirred up a conversation and now it has gone to the next level.


Since this morning, social media has been flooded with appeals to sign a petition for Priyanka’s removal as a goodwill ambassador.


People are basing this on her tweet being a celebration of an attack on Pakistan.



In the midst of all the petition calls, someone posted this old video of Priyanka and meme-ed it up.


As a goodwill ambassador’s primary responsibility is to raise awareness about the cause they’re associated with. In the case of working with the UNICEF, this implicitly means you advocate for peace. What remains to be seen is if Priyanka responds to all the pressure online and if the UN revokes her status. Just by the way, that isn’t totally outside the realm of possibilities- it has happened before.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: and HuffPost India

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