Major Adnan Sami Praised Iqbal On Indian Independence Day And Pakistanis Are Thanking Him For His Service

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Aug, 2019

Adnan Sami tried to convince everyone that Iqbal was Indian but failed…

Adnan Sami usually finds himself to be the target of trolls and it’s only befitting since he does tweet out what can only be arguable the dumbest things on the internet.


On this Indian Independence Day, he tweeted out a photo of Allama Iqbal and tried to convince everyone that Iqbal was a proud Indian merely because he was born and died in what was then a united India

Yes, sure. Let’s conveniently forget Iqbal’s idea of a separate Muslim state and his advocacy for it. It is so obvious Major Adnan Sami tweeted this to convince Indians that he’s not a Pakistani spy so they can be thrown off and he can secretly spy for Pakistan in peace. Why else would he tweet something so idiotic on India’s independence day? I get wanting to stay relevant but this is plain stupid.


Hundreds of Pakistanis came to remind Adnan Sami of just how Pakistani Iqbal was even if he couldn’t live to see the birth of his dreamland, Pakistan

Let’s remember that before 1947 India did not exist like it does today. While the State was called India, it was not independent and was ruled by the British. Adnan Sami claiming those born before 1947 are automatically Indian since Pakistan did not ‘exist makes no sense because India did not exist either. It was the sub-continent ruled by the British.


And of course, people thanked Major Adnan Sami for trying very hard not to get caught as a Pakistani spy


Adnan Sami then went one step further and talked about his father also having been born in ‘India’ and dying there as well


He followed that up with a very bad take on the Kashmir issue, saying it belonged to India


And then he gave pretty childish responses to people

Clearly the tweets got to him.

Honestly, it’s just sad how vehemently Adnan Sami has to put on a show to present a picture of his loyalty to India. Hopefully one day he can stop the theatrics and no longer have to prove that he’s loyal to India by going on idiotic Twitter rampages. Till then, troll away.

What do you think of Adnan Sami claiming Iqbal is Indian? Let us know in the comments below.


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