Hamza Ali Abbasi Just Called Himself A “Proud ISI Agent” And Indian Trolls Ko Aag Lag Gayi Hai

By Aam Nawab | 16 Aug, 2019

Hamza Ali Abbasi just called himself an ISI agent 

Now we all love to troll Hamza Ali Abbasi whenever he shares his rather conservative views on various things. Some people even call him a closeted maulvi, according to him (you can watch him say that here). But when it comes to matters of public importance, one thing can’t be denied that Mr. Abbasi is usually one of the first celebrities to speak up. Hamza has consistently spoken up on issues beyond his immediate profession and catapulted himself into controversy.


Hamza Ali Abbasi just called himself a “proud ISI agent” after being accused of being one by an Indian TV show host

Arnab Goswami, the infamous loudmouthed Indian TV show host accused Hamza of being an “undercover” ISI agent on his show. However Hamza responded to the accusation rather savagely by proudly confessing that he is an ISI agent but not an undercover one.

Yes, Mr. Abbasi was joking about being an agent because he also said that the whole Pakistani population is an ISI agent by Mr. Goswami’s standards.


Interestingly, Hamza’s “confession” has triggered quite a few people

Indian trolls could not really digest the savagery of Hamza’s response to Arnab Goswami so they descended to cursing him and Pakistan.


Pakistanis started sharing in Hamza’s sentiments, declaring themselves agents also


Some people thought Hamza’s response may be a little too much


And this guy just reminded everyone of the bigger ISI agent who’s deployed in India already

Of course, this country cannot ever forget the brave services rendered by our very own Major Adnan Sami who has dedicated his life to pretending to love India, just for the sake of his true country – Pakistan.


While everyone’s giving Hamza attention he took the opportunity to talk about his views on what’s happening in Kashmir


What do you think about Hamza Ali Abbasi’s response to Arnab Goswami? Sound off in the comments below.


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