Hamza Ali Abbasi Just Asked India To Grow Up And To Be Honest, We All Agree

By Arslan Athar | 19 Feb, 2019

So far, this week has been pretty tense for Pakistan and India; with relations reaching a new low and people engaging is spewing hate. Indian celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and Ajay Devgn have echoed hatred in their reactions to the Pulwama attack, also T-Series took down songs by Pakistani artists- this time seems to be pretty intense.

Of course, where there is politics there is bound to be Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Following the Prime Minister’s strong statement towards India, the actor took to Twitter and added his voice to the ongoing political madness.

He essentially asked the Indian media and Indians, in general, to grow up. 


He referenced Pakistan’s war against terror as an opportunity for India to learn.¬†

‘We set our own house in order rather than blaming other countries’. He also echoed the PM’s sentiment of retaliation when it comes to war.


The main thing to take away from Hamza’s tweets is the need for dialogue, which also matches what PM Imran Khan. It is important to have dialogue¬†before things really disintegrate into war and total destruction.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s point about the war on terror is an important one.¬†

We often forget that Pakistan fought very bravely against the threat of widespread terrorism with little to no help from others. Pakistan faced a lot of damage internally for this war and is still recovering, however, for the most part, it has done this recovery in silence. India, on the other hand, usually places the blame on Pakistan.

Source: thedailystar.net


The history of Pakistan-India relations has always been tense. Sometimes we’ve made huge strides and at other times we have taken 100 steps back. In recent times it seems like India has become less-willing to come to the negotiating¬†table, they’ve resorted to just laying more blame on the Pakistani State. This mixed in with our previously poor foreign policy resulted in a scary new low in relations.

Source: corridor.pk


Both India and Pakistan need to make strides to better understanding each other and coming to the same table to talk. War is NEVER the answer.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: nation.com.pk and dawn.com

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