Is This Shoe Pink & White Or Mint & Grey? People All Over The World Can't Decide

By Biya Haq | 13 Oct, 2017

So, many of you may remember this viral image of 2015

Apologies in advance for bringing it up again:

Via: Tumblr


It tore friendships apart, caused lack of sleep and basically just ruined everyone’s lives


The world was actually divided


WELL GUESS WHAT! It’s about to happen again

Because now, the Internet gods have graced us with the mental breakdown that is, this image:

Via: Instagram

Circulating on multiple publications like GQ, Huffington Post and Mashable (to name a few), the shoe has captured the whole world’s attention.


It seems as if the world cannot decide whether this shoe is pink and white or grey and mint


Source: Deenga

I mean, we all know that the image is basically just something to do with biology and eyes and lighting and all that good stuff. But since we all love laughs and jokes and arguing with our friends, let’s just keep arguing about the image instead.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Lolllllsy, love you all.

Do you see pink and white? Mint and grey? Your life flashing before your eyes? The bench in the back? Let us know what you see in the comments below and try not to lose your mind like we are now.

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