This Angry Pakistani Fan Went Viral After The Pakistan-Australia Match & Now He's Become The Internet's Favorite Meme

By Manahil | 13 Jun, 2019

Ah, memes – literally the reason so many of us scroll for hours on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or just about any other social media app out there. And of course, you can always expect a new meme, because the people of the internet are good at what they do.


You guys must remember Aunty Gormint, Uncle Majboor, or even the angry Arab guy who turned out to be an actual dehshatgard? Well, get ready to say hello to the Angry Pakistani Man. And he’s literally everywhere.


After the quick World Cup cameramen caught the angry Pakistani fan he quickly became the subject of countless memes


Even the ICC got in on the joke


The jokes are absolutely hilarious


And of course, people find him absolutely relatable

via Facebook


via Facebook



As “angry” as this Angry Pakistani Fan looks, he was actually just disappointed. And can we really blame him?

The Angry Pakistani Fan lives in London and was spotted by broadcast cameras standing with his hands on hips when Asif Ali dropped his second catch that day.


He was interviewed by none other than Zainab Abbas and he explained why he had that expression on his face

“I could see [the ball] land in his hands and then he dropped it. It was really disappointing to see it happen just in front of me and I couldn’t say anything because he had just come off a family tragedy, so I didn’t shout at him.” He was referring to Asif Ali’s loss of his 19-month old daughter from cancer recently.

But even though Pakistan underperformed in the Australia vs. Pakistan match, the Angry Pakistani Fan still has hope and so should we.


Even though we lost the match and it adds pressure for the fixture on Sunday with India but the internet’s just so funny sometimes.


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