Hamza Ali Abbasi Just Announced He Is Quitting Acting But He's Actually Not Leaving Showbiz

By Hafsa Ahmad | 15 Nov, 2019

Hamza Ali Abbasi is quitting acting, after all

Back in October, Hamza Ali Abbasi had shared that he had an important announcement he was going to make at the end of October. Many of his fans freaked out because they thought he would possibly be announcing his retirement. But after waiting for a while that deadline came and went but the announcement didn’t happen.


Long after his deadline, Hamza Ali Abbasi finally announced he’s quitting acting

It’s almost mid November and Hamza finally made his announcement.


Hamza shared his statement in a video and talked about his journey from being an atheist

He explained that when he was a teenager, questions about the origin of the world and the existence of God started popping up in his head. these questions had troubled him and he consulted Islamic scholars for answers. But to his disappointment, he did not get any “satisfying” answers from them and sought refuge in atheism when he was very young.

He said that during his time in the US, “science is something which actually brought me back from being an atheist.” He came to the conclusion that there is a force behind the universe and “it is not the result of blind forces of nature.”

source: Hamza Ali Abbasi/ YouTube


This is what led Hamza Ali Abbasi to quitting his lack of faith and making his journey toward his religion

After he says he found Islam he now wants to spend all his life talking about it and preaching the message of Islam. He believes that when he looked into Islam, after being free of all social and cultural biases, he finally found his lord. “It was a painful journey of 12-13 years.”

When he says he found his faith, he found his purpose. he realized that his purpose is not showbiz or politics. He recognized that everything is mortal, and the purpose of his life is to prepare for the hereafter. And he wants to preach the inevitability of death and the hereafter.

source: Hamza Ali Abbasi/ YouTube


This is also why Hamza Ali Abbasi said he’s quitting acting… for a very long time

He explains that he is quitting acting for a “very long time” but he’s not exactly leaving showbiz. He said that his break from acting wasn’t because Islam forbids it, and he will justify acting and art his entire life on basis of Islam. It was because what he is about to do is a serious thing and he does not want to do do “non-serious things” alongside like acting in the kind of movies or TV shows he was being offered.

source: Hamza Ali Abbasi/ YouTube

He revealed that he will not be acting for at least a VERY long time if not forever but he will be producing entertainment which is more than just surface-level entertainment and would help him convey his message.


Hamza also shared that he is not joining politics because it is against his principles

According to him, electoral politics requires lying, which is against his principles. He further clarified that he does not want to ” convince people, he just wants to share” his journey.

He said he wants to break the taboos and break out things that are not discussed, even if it threatens his life. He believes that religious scholars have led the Islamic community to progress, but they are wrong about a few things. He is not afraid to discuss those things. Because he does not care if he dies now or 20 years later, if he dies of a heart attack or of being shot.

Hamza further claimed that Maula Jatt was supposed to be his last movie but he said that the drama Alif came along and he decided to do it because it talked about someone’s journey toward God.

source: Hamza Ali Abbasi/ YouTube

He requested when he does talk about his message on his YouTube channel, that his intentions should not be questioned and he shouldn’t be labeled an “Yahoodi agent” if he talks about the actual meaning of Islam and not the one distorted by mullahs these days.

He announced that he will use his YouTube channel mainly, to convey his message. He clarifies that there is no agenda behind this, the only reason why he has decided to share his story is that he wants to speak what his heart feels is true.


If you’d like to watch his complete message you can check it out here

From Pyare Afzal to Alif, Hamza Ali Abbasi sure has come a long way. He has had an impact on people and the entertainment industry will miss him for sure. His journey and conviction toward what he believes in is admirable. May he find the peace that he’s looking for, after all. Good luck, Hamza!


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Cover image via: Hamza Ali Abbasi / YouTube

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