This Guy From Mianwali Is A Ditto Copy Of Hamza Ali Abbasi

By Janita Tahir | 17 Oct, 2019

We found the master copy of Hamza Ali Abbasi

Recently, many fans were heartbroken by a cryptic statement by Hamza Ali Abbasi that led them to believe that Hamza will be leaving showbiz soon. While there’s nothing confirmed and Hamza will be revealing his much-awaited announcement by the end of the month, the speculation alone was enough to shake many fans. However, worry not, because ladies and gentlemen I think we have found another Hamza Ali Abbasi


We all know and love the original Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi, right?

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And here’s presenting to you the guy who looks like him and talks like him

Yasir Ammar, born on March 9, is Hamza’s doppelgänger. There are many celebrity look-alikes but this guy is actually a master copy of Hamza’s.

He belongs from Mianwali and is currently working as an actor and model.

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They look alike even more so from the side

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Like can you even pick who’s who?

Yes you can. We know that too. It’s an exaggeration but still.

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What’s even crazier is that the master copy of Hamza Ali Abbasi also sounds the same as the actor

Yep, you heard it right. If his face wasn’t enough to give you a shock. Yasir will surprise you more with his voice. He speaks exactly like Hamza Ali Abbasi too. Check out this interview:

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Saraiki MIANWALI da pure ✌✌

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Funny thing is that Yasir knows he looks like Hamza Ali Abbasi, obviously, and he loves it

While speaking to MangoBaaz, Yasir said that around 2012, people around him- mainly his relatives and friends- started to point out that he looks like Hamza Ali Abbasi. Now, it has come to a point that Yasir himself has in, good humor done, a parody of Hamza.

Check out this parody to be blown away with how well this guy can pull off Hamza Ali Abbasi:


He has spoken to Hamza on the phone but he really wants to meet the celebrity

During our conversation with Yasir, he said that he really liked Hamza as a person and thought he was a decent human being. He also mentioned that Hamza had reached out to him on call and was really surprised by how much he sounds like him. It seemed to be a pleasant conversation, however, Yasir has yet to meet the man in person.


Yasir has starred in a show on Hum TV and has new projects coming up

Yasir was a supporting actor in Hum TV’s serial “Log Kya Kahen Gay“. He was also the main character in a telemovie “Haqeeqat” that aired on 92 news.

He also has a lot of new and exciting gigs coming up. You can catch Yasir on PTV’s new serial “Baarish Me Aag” that will air soon.

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My first serial on #humtv #logkiyakahenge 23rd episode

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Here’s a funny prank where Yasir pretends to be Hamza Ali Abbasi and totally fooled the awaam

In order to have some fun with the whole resemblance aspect, Yasir shot a witty prank video where he pretended to be Hamza Ali Abbasi. Funnily enough, many people were fooled and thought he really was Hamza. That’s how much they look alike.

Do you think Pakistan can handle two Hamza Ali Abbasis on TV at the same time? Are you excited about Yasir’s upcoming work? Should we help Yasir Ammar in meeting Hamza Ali Abbasi in the flesh? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Via: @reall_yasirammar_official via Instagram / Mushq Memon via Pinterest

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