The Whole Of Islamabad Is Heartbroken Because Monal Is Being Shut Down, Possibly

By Janita Tahir | 14 Nov, 2019

Islamabad ka Monal band?

Anyone who has ever visited Islamabad knows that Monal is one of the biggest attractions the city has to offer. The glorious restaurant atop the mountain, that oversees all the city lights and serves arguably one of the best cuisines, is undoubtedly the favorite spot of every Islamabadi foodie. However, it seems that we are all in for a major shock.


The iconic Islamabad eatery Monal is possibly shutting down and the space is being given to the army

According to reports, the restaurant was built on military land on Margalla Hills and now the army wants the space back. Capital Development Authority member Dr. Shahid Mahmood said that the CDA did not know they were building a restaurant on army property until the military started claiming it. CDA officials announced that the space is currently being vacated and given to the army.


Of course, people of Islamabad are very unhappy

For the people of Islamabad, the restaurant has been the “it” place to go to celebrate the most of their special occasions. From 2005 till now, people have associated a lot of feelings with it and now, with the sudden news of its closure, they can’t help but feel cynical.


There are many questioning why the restaurant was allowed to be built on military land in the first place

The land Monal is built on is inside also claimed to be protected National Wildlife Park. National Assembly Climate Change committee’s chair was also interested to know how the restaurant of this scale was allowed to be built inside the national park when it is protected by the law to conserve its natural environment and wildlife.


Some people still tried to lighten the mood

As always some Pakistanis found funny things to say on the situation, some- mostly, non-Islamabadi residents- could care less and one or two even favored the decision for the sake of environment preservation.


As an Islamabadi, Monal shutting down makes me very upset

Islamabad, a city that lacks in the food department in comparison to Lahore or Karachi, truly had one restaurant that we could all proudly boast about. Monal’s food is famous city-wide and whoever visits Islamabad considers it as their must-see destination. But aside from the general importance of the restaurant, it’s the memories that many Islamabadis have attached to it, which makes it harder for us to stomach this news.

We are going to miss the chocolate lava cake that we treated ourselves with at the end of an exhausting hike on the Margalla trails. We will miss the exquisite cheese naan that you could only truly savor at the mountain top with brilliant glitterings lights twinkling below you. We will miss the perfectly good desi food and barbecue that could only be enjoyed with the beautiful weather, the spectacular view and the soul-stirring classical music, Monal had to offer.


Going up to Monal was something we all looked forward to and a place that gave birth to unforgettable moments. Whether it be with friends, family or an alone trip made just to clear your mind- it was one restaurant that was always a hit and never a miss.

It’s truly saddening to hear the rumors of it shutting down. I sincerely hope it doesn’t, really. Everyone who has ever been to Islamabad has so many Monal memories.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.


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