A ‘FRIENDS' Reunion Was Announced And I Can't Believe These People Actually Don't Want It

By Anoosha Rehan | 14 Nov, 2019


The amazingly popular TV show, FRIENDS, aired from 1994 to 2004 but it was received with SO much love and appreciation from all around the world, that people till this date love and live with all those six characters. The love is so massive that Netflix had to spend $100 million to keep it on Netflix.


Yesterday news broke that a FRIENDS reunion is actually happening after all these years

Even since everyone’s favorite Rachel Greene aka Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and broke records with her first photo there have been rumors that a reunion might actually be happening. For years the cast has denied, especially Jennifer, that a reunion won’t happen because the show was perfect as it is. And well, of course it’s perfect but we can always have hope!


Looks like all our prayers have been answered because a FRIENDS reunion “special” was just announced

According to reports, the parent company of the production company of the TV show is launching its own rival to Netflix – HBO MAX, and they are going to launch an “unscripted reunion special” where the whole cast and crew is expected to participate.

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

It’s worth noting that there is no actual deal yet so this reunion might not actually happen after all. However, we would like to hope for the best.


From the looks of it, the cast is at a point in their lives where they’d also like a  FRIENDS reunion

Jennifer Aniston paid a tribute to the show which made her a worldwide superstar at the recent People’s Choice Awards.


However, after years and years of whining and demanding one fans are now not so keen for a FRIENDS reunion

There has been a weird backlash from people about this announcement. Ever since it was announced that a reunion might be happening, some fans are now saying that the show is best kept in our memories and our late night bingewatching.

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions


People are urging the creators to leave the perfect show as it is


Many of them are asking for there to NOT be a reunion

And I’m like WTF???


They’re saying they don’t want a FRIENDS reunion because they’ve already seen enough of it

OH. MY. GOD *in Janice’s voice*


I for one can’t believe that there are people who aren’t thrilled for this reunion

They’re already foreseeing what a disaster the reunion could turn up to be

FREINDS has a separate, strong fan-base and it has only increased over the decades. However, a reunion is a risky business and people are not here for it, to ruin their favorite show so many years later. Also, they believe what happened in the 90’s, should stay in the 90’s – bringing it back in unnecessary and uncalled for. I mean, I for one couldn’t be happier tbh. Who doesn’t want to see if Joey is still as dumb as he was back then?

What do you think about the reunion? Let us know in the comments below.


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