Pakistani Women Participated In The Iconic Aurat March And Our Desi Ghairat Brigade Just Can't Handle It

By Bisma Rizwan | 9 Mar, 2019

Aurat March is a beautiful, beautiful event. All women (and some male allies, too) coming together to ask for something so fundamental: equality for all. It’s a wonderful experience all around, and as said by attendees, the safest event they have ever attended in a public space.

But there exist some people who find negativity, even in such empowering events. And that’s exactly what happened this time around.

I mean, remember last year’s Aurat March, when shit went down over ONE poster.

It caused a divide so massive that men ranted over it for MONTHS! In fact, it helped us all brace for the impending backlash this time around.

Source: Pakistani actor and actress / Facebook

And just like last year, these beacons of morality and self-righteousness are back again with some absolutely entertaining claims. It’s honestly meme-worthy to say the least. So you need to go grab a bucket of popcorn ASAP because honestly, more than disheartening, this is hilarious.


Y’all hear that? We’ll be our own end. WHAT DO WE WANT?! Not like there was a manifesto circulating, highlighting EXACTLY what we wanted.

Yeh. Yeh bhi kise ne bola.

Not like women who are breadwinners exist across the board in all sections of society, haina? And not like some women aren’t even allowed the right to step out of their homes to earn in the first place.

“yOu gUyS dOn’t kNow tHe rEaL iSsuEs oK???”

Is any day complete without a man telling women what feminism REALLY is? Or what the real issues are?

One more at it schooling us about the main issues…

Eloquently put, too.

Here is a comprehensive list of issues we should have talked about. 

And a couple more…

Again, not like there were speeches about these very issues. Not like we fight for these issues EVERY DAY of our lives. Not like this was included in the manifesto.

Damn, y’all got us.

The men are so disappointed with us. Ab kya hoga?

Where will I get my quota of validation from now?

I mean, we’re all killing the basic essence of it. Gotta ask this Bhai how to do it right next time.

Aap aa jatey. 

Remember, we only want beighairati.

But hey, if ghairat means accepting oppression, hum beghairat hee sahi. 

Chalou, at least they appreciate our creativity if nothing else – and that’s all the validation we needed, haina?

After lollipop, toffee, tea-bag and what not, we’re also tissue paper.

Originality. Wah.

Sab kaam tou mard hi kertay hain, women only sit back and watch the world burn. 

I will point out that there were women from ALL walks of life. Moreover, transgenders were a part of the March as well. Women from all socioeconomic classes participated AND gave speeches.

Agar ghar baith ke keyboard pe criticize karne se dunya badalti, toh aur chahiye kya tha.

Then, there were comments from some special types of people, who “believe” in feminism but don’t quite understand what it is…

Kya kehna chah rahay hou, boss?

Source: Vinod Chopra Films

Some people thought this was taking things too far.

Aurat March is one of the signs of the day of judgment too, apparently. Amazing.

And how can we ever forget all those who quote religion, ONLY when women speak up about equality. 

People made dua for the ‘wretched women’ who attended the March.

Funny how we don’t even get the rights outlined by religion as well. Yet, people jump to use it as a shield. Interesting.

“😂” – offered without comment.  

But at the end of it all, I would leave you with this absurd tweet (and one of the reasons why we March)

The entitlement. The privilege. The overall disregard for any gender other than his own. WOW.

Look, friends. Trolls will troll. They exist because we’ve made them uncomfortable. And that’s great. We just gotta keep moving forward. Hope you all had a wonderful time at the March. Just keep being your badass selves and remember to ignore the ghairat brigade. We absolutely must pick our battles now.

Source: @rahimaso / Twitter

What do y’all think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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