After “Khana Khud Garam Karlo,” This Poster From The Aurat March Is Causing A Massive Meltdown

By Bisma Rizwan | 9 Mar, 2019

FromKhana khud garam karo” to “Bistar khud garam karlo,” at the Aurat March, we all have come a really long way!

By this time we’re sure you’ve seen plenty of posters from the Aurat March. While all of them addressed various issues that women face, plenty did so with some absolute sass.

Some revisited a critical hit from last year

Source: @karachikhatmal / Twitter

Others asked all the right questions from the very “empowered” men…

Source: @karachikhatmal / Twitter

And some showed us how we can reclaim and put a positive spin on gaalis too

Source: @karachikhatmal / Twitter

Absolutely brilliant.

Amidst all of these placards, there’s one that has lit fire in the hearts of non-marching citizens with a much bolder version of “khana khud garam kerlo.

That’s transgender activist and model Kami Sid in all of her glory, holding a placard which reads, “Khana garam kar doon gi, bistar khud garam karlo.”

Source: ShowBuzz Mania / Facebook


And as usual, people are on fire. Like, you can hear them huff and puff in rage.

To all the people who want to say that issues of importance weren’t raised – agar aap aa jatey toh pata chalta that there were speeches from women of all walks of life, there were uplifting performances and the posters – they’re just a sassy and creative way to fully utilize the one day we all got to express ourselves in the best way possible.

With regards to Kami’s poster, it can be interpreted as highlighting the fact that the many from the trans community are forced to be sex workers, and this poster is raising awareness around the same. But also, it’s pointing out how integral women are overall, and how their sense of agency should be within their own clutches.

Unfortunately, people don’t get it.

They’re taking the slogan at face value and believe that people are trying to portray a negative image through the Aurat March and thus, the cause is on its way to lose its essence.

While many are screaming about how this is not feminism.

The definition of feminism calls for equality. That equality trickles down to choice as well. How, then, is this not feminism?

Men felt attacked, because obviously, everything is about them. AURAT March? Also about them, apparently. 

Women who marched for the cause were also referred to as “characterless”

But hey, if accepting patriarchal oppression is the way to showcase great character, hum sab characterless hee sahi. 

At the end of the day, the poster was a winner.

Reclaiming our sense of self, choice and having a strong grasp on our agency while speaking out against oppression – that’s what the March was about. It was about marching for those who couldn’t, for those who are yet to understand that the patriarchy has a strong hold over their mindset and for those who are still in the process of unlearning misogyny. The march was for equality, for freedom and if that makes people uncomfortable, well – good.

What do you think about the placard? Let us know in the comments!


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Cover Image via ShowBuzz Mania on Facebook

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