ATTENTION Instagram Addicts: This Insta-Meet Event In Islamabad Is The Perfect Opportunity To Meet Your Favorite Influencers

By MangoBaaz Studio | 9 Mar, 2019

The first ever “Instagram Fan Fest” is being held in Islamabad tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. An event by Cognition Hub with Snap City as a collaborator, the organizers have set out to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of instagram influencers and content creators while making sure fans get an insight into what it takes to be an influencer in this day and age.

As part of the event, ‘Insta-talks’ will allow the audience to hear their favorite influencers talk about their struggles and what keeps them going.

An ‘insta-talk’ is an initiative to acknowledge the struggle an Instagram influencer has to go through, while developing a valuable and exclusive fanbase. The influencers in Pakistan are highly motivated individuals who pour their heart and soul into producing quality content. Not only this, they impact a sizeable majority of our youth. This segment will include all the motivational stuff we all need to hear, tbh.


The Meet & Greet segment will have you all meet your beloved influencers and have a chance to interact with them one on one.

You can get your photographs taken and have a chance to be around the ones you idealize most. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

For full list of influencers, check out the event page here:


All of this would end with the first ever Shamoon Ismail concert.

Didn’t see that one coming now, did you?


The amazing line-up includes Salman Khan, Amoos Khan, Sahil Fayaz and Naseer Afridi.


For all the party people out there VIVID is coming in from Lahore to perform and that has us all super excited.

But wait there’s more, some local Islamabadi talent would also be joining us that is, DJ Awais Haider, DJ Sarmad Meesaq, DJ Raz Vages and Wali Aleem Music.


This would be Pakistan’s First ever 3D concert, guys! 

Pretty cool, right? Thanks to for making this possible.

Grab your bags and head for PRCS Headquarters H/8 for the hottest Fan Fest Islamabad has ever seen. It’s time for all of us to #AaoMillBethain and have a fun filled day.

For more updates, follow on instagram or call 03215566665 to get your tickets ASAP.

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