Lawyers In Lahore Attacked A Hospital And 12 Patients Have Allegedly Died Because Of It

By Maryam Khalid | 11 Dec, 2019

Lawyers in Lahore have trashed a hospital and caused chaos

Every other day, we hear countless stories of protests occurring in all parts of Pakistan. While protests are a sign of a vibrant democracy, there is something to be said about the manner in which such protests are carried out and the consequences of such actions.


A mob of furious lawyers in Lahore stormed Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore

The attack stemmed from an ongoing feud between young doctors and the lawyers. The hospital in Lahore became a battleground when the lawyers barged in, raising slogans and shattering glass windows.


According to reports, a female patient allegedly died due to the disruption in the scheduled surgeries because of the attack on the hospital by lawyers in Lahore

The chaos led to staff fleeing and locking themselves up. The patients in need of critical care were left unattended and doctors were injured. There were reports of multiple casualties.


There are further reports of multiple patients passing away in this scuffle by lawyers in Lahore

Between 4 and 12 patients are reported to have died because of this attack.


This entire situation has left people in utter shock and disbelief


They are questioning the education and training of lawyers

For a profession that is supposed to uphold the law, people are ashamed and genuinely angered to see lawyers being the ones to cause such disruption and destruction to property. Not only that, they are also endangering the lives of several innocent patients.


People are condemning this insensitive attack


They are demanding strict actions against the lawyers involved


We are waiting for a day we can observe a peaceful protest, without things going violent. The use of hospital premises for riots causes suffering only for poor patients. The death of these patients due to some stupid fight between our prestigious fraternities is just plain abhorrent. Higher authorities should definitely take strict action against the people involved in such disruptive actions that endanger innocent lives.

This is a developing story.


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