People Can't Handle How Altaf Hussain Was Invited On TV In India After He Requested For Asylum

By Maryam Khalid | 20 Nov, 2019

Altaf Hussain, the MQM leader, and a controversial Pakistani politician is all over the news again. Living in exile and even getting charged by Scotland Yard for hate speech, he still spares no chance to cause a ripple in Pakistani politics.


In a recent address, Altaf Hussain pleaded India for asylum

The reason he said was that all his ancestors were buried there. But honestly, with the legal proceedings going on in the UK against him and the very likely possibility of his conviction, the reason given sounds suspiciously convenient.


Following Altaf Hussain requesting India for asylum, he was invited on an Indian TV show

Altaf Hussain was invited on popular Indian TV circus “The Debate” with host and circus master Arnab Goswami. When Arnab asked him about the exile in London, Altaf Bhai responded that he ”had” to move abroad because his followers insisted for his own protection. He casually ignored the fact of how he fled London to escape the charges against him in Pakistan.

Source: Republic World / YouTube

He stated that he is the only truthful leader in Pakistan and he has never fed the public with lies and concocted stories. A hard pill to swallow, right? He said that he is the ONLY leader in Pakistan that has the courage to actually speak the truth.

He also said that he wants to abolish feudalism from Pakistan if India grants him asylum. In another shocking revelation, he claimed that Asma Jahangir was poisoned by the ISI. Since Asma Jahangir was the only lawyer who agreed to handle Altaf’s case, he claimed that she did not suffer a heart attack. Her maid gave her poisoned orange juice. Too bold of him to make such claims on Indian television, also without any evidence.


Altaf Hussain also displayed his singing skills Indians by singing ‘‘Sarey Jahan Se Acha hai Hindustan Hamara.”

In his defence for singing this song, Atlaf Hussain said that if singing this makes him a traitor, then Alama Iqbal is a traitor as well for writing this.


Source: Republic World / YouTube

Altaf Hussain said that he wrote two letters to Modi, but no one responded. Altaf thanked the host of the show for inviting someone jiski Pakistan mein bhi koi nahi sunta. He pleaded Indians to remain loyal to their country as Pakistan is a country of animals.


People can’t stop laughing at this interview of Altaf Hussain


Some are even feeling sorry for the cartoon that is Arnab Goswami for having to tolerate Altaf Bhai


Others think Altaf Hussain found his match by being on a show that’s hilariously insane


Even actor Rishi Kapoor had something to say about the situation

Altaf Hussain and aggressive speeches go hand in hand. Being banned from Pakistani televisions, he just registered his comeback on Indian television.

Is he going to be our next secret spy after Major Adnan Sami? Well, in that case, be ready Indians.


People Think They Spotted Altaf Hussain At A World Cup Match Supporting India And I Kinda See It Too


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