Rabi Pirzada Just Announced She Has Quit Showbiz

By Sarmad Amer | 4 Nov, 2019

Rabi Pirzada just announced that she’s quit

After the infringement of her privacy and intimate videos and photos being leaked online, singer Rabi Pirzada had become a center of much controversy. She had become the top topic of discussion over Pakistani social media and many people had been critical of her, thus victim-blaming the singer.


After Rabi Pirzada’s videos leaked she became the center of a major controversy

Ever since the singer’s videos and images leaked late Thursday night, people in Pakistan quickly made her the center of discussion, forgetting the Tezgam incident that had taken more than 70 lives only a few hours earlier.

Rabi Pirzada leaked twitter
Via: Twitter


People had started coming up with insane conspiracy theories about Rabi Pirzada’s leaks


After a lot of trolling, discussion and attention, Rabi Pirzada just announced that she’s quit showbiz


The announcement by Rabi Pirzada that she’s quit the entertainment industry comes at the heels of people standing in support of Rabi

People have been using some very unique ways to support Rabi.


There was a girl who recently came forward and apologized to Rabi for leaked videos, leading everyone to wonder if she was the culprit for the leaks

On Rabi’s part, the singer has apparently said to several media outlets that the videos and images leaked after she sold a phone and the shopkeeper allegedly leaked the contents of the phone.

Whatever the reasons for the leaks may be, infringement of privacy is a big concern here. Rabi Pirzada was a victim of revenge porn and this needs to be addressed immediately. We need authorities who can address such issues not by banning people’s freedoms unnecessarily but by devising proper measures to control such invasion of privacy matters. This can be done by having a proper infrastructure, with sensitivity-trained professionals to handle complaints of leaks at the earliest and with utmost care. Moreover, when authorities can find it easy to ban websites of their choosing, I’m pretty sure they can also help individuals in need looking to take down their personal photographs and/or videos.

As for Rabi, you do you.


People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

Rumors About Rabi Pirzada Allegedly Trying To End Her Life Have Begun Circulating



Cover image via: @rabi.fairy / Instagram

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