This Girl Just Apologized To Rabi Pirzada For Her Leaked Videos And Everyone's Confused Why

By Sana Yasmeen | 4 Nov, 2019

A girl apologized to Rabi Pirzada and everyone’s asking why

The internet has been chaotic from the past couple of days with the private video leaks of Rabi Pirzada and discussion around privacy. People have come up with many conspiracy theories about the incident and its reasons. One girl just came forward apologizing for the leaks and everyone’s confused.


This girl just apologized to Rabi Pirzada for her videos being leaked

The girl in the video begins by addressing Rabi Pirzada directly and stating that she wants to ask for forgiveness. She further explains how somebody, out of the blue, sent her Rabi’s private videos that she saw and forwarded them.

She proceeded to ask for forgiveness and in between her cries, asked Rabi to not question her on the day of judgment.


She further proceeded to cry and ask for forgiveness while she apologized to Rabi Pirzada

Still crying, the girl stated that she was apologizing from the core of her heart and that she has realized now, what she didn’t realize before, that she committed a mistake.


She didn’t just end there, she continued to apologize for apparently scandalizing the whole issue

The girl continued to cry and apologize to Rabi Pirzada in the third video clip, too.


These videos sparked confusion in people and they began asking questions

People were thoroughly confused as to who she was and why would she apologize to Rabi. Was she the one who was the soruce of the leak?


In wondering why she apologized to Rabi Pirzada people assumed she may be the culprit

People even began assuming that this was Rabi, herself. The girl being in niqab raised speculations among people and they began assuming that it was Rabi herself!

People are still confused as to why she apologized to Rabi Pirzada, in the first place. However, in a society where women are held to extremely rigid standards of morality, the least they can all do is not bring each other down and support each other so I guess this girl realizing she needs to stand with Rabi in her time of distress and not pull her down is a good thing.


People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

Rumors About Rabi Pirzada Allegedly Trying To End Her Life Have Begun Circulating


cover image via Twitter@Sheryy_Sayzz/ Instagram@ rabi.fairy

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