Rumors About Rabi Pirzada Allegedly Trying To End Her Life Have Begun Circulating

By Maryam Malik | 3 Nov, 2019

Rabi Pirzada has been in the news over her privacy leak recently.

Recently, Rabi Pirzada was the victim of an unfortunate and heinous crime, where her private pictures and videos were leaked on the internet. Unfortunately, her pictures and videos have been widely circulated and have garnered the attention of all sorts from the public. Some came forward with conspiracies and others with the usual and very disappointing victim-blaming statements.


Some people, including a few celebrities, did come to support her and urged people not to share the content further

Filmmaker Jami, who recently shared his own experience with harassment under the #MeToo hashtag, also tweeted about it.


Rabi herself tweeted the following:

“Whoever lifts the veil off another person, on the day of judgment, God will do the same unto him.”


However, our countrymen paid no heed to this, sharing links on social media and carrying on with their typical victim-blaming behavior.

Statements like “why did she record herself in the first place?” and “koi dekh ke delete nae karta” can be seen all over the internet. But why does it matter if she did or did not take those pictures or record those videos? Is she not entitled to her

privacy? Instead of asking how these things happen or how the damage caused by the situation can be lessened, people are jumping to judge the parties involved and are making snide comments about her. Her pictures were even published on the front page of a newspaper. It’s like we, as a society, have decided to make this as difficult for her as it can be.


After all of this, it is now rumored that Rabi Pirzada tried to commit suicide

She also changed her Twitter display to her apologizing for being herself.

“I’m sorry for being me” is what it says now.

Source: @Rabipirzada / Twitter

However, there are some people saying that the suicide news is false

For example, actress Armeena Khan stepped in to clarify the same which implies she might have spoken to Rabi or her representatives.

Honestly, if we don’t understand that she’s the victim here, we will watch history repeat itself. We’ve already lost women like Qandeel Baloch. We cannot drive Rabi Pirzada towards the same path.

The “don’t take naked pics if you don’t want them online” argument is equivalent to “she was wearing revealing clothes.” Both of them DO NOT make sense. We should be careful about what we say, making sure it’s not adding to the troubles of the person already going through the existing trauma, and we absolutely cannot blame or shame the victim at all. 
Questions and statements like these distract from the bigger problem and make it less about the breach of privacy faced by Rabi and more about making sure the victim is pinned as the guilty party. It’s high time we stop, for if we don’t, we are complicit and a part of the problem.


People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

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