Pakistani ARMYs Are Sharing Heartwarming Lessons They've Learned From BTS

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Nov, 2019

BTS Pakistani ARMY are sharing the wonderful messages they have learned from the boys.

Bangtan Sonyeondan, better known as the acronym BTS, has undoubtedly paved the way for K-Pop all over the world. And one of the countries in which the band has established a substantial following happens to be Pakistan! 2019 was a pretty great year for Pakistani ARMYs, what with the screening of BTS’ film Bring The Soul in cinemas around the country.

And not to mention seeing the word ‘love’ written in Urdu on the screen in RM’s handwriting during his performance of his song ‘Trivia: Love’ during the Speak Yourself World Tour.

BTS Pakistani ARMY is showing what they really learned from BTS

The fans always want to make sure they’re showing their beloved band the same amount of appreciation they get from them. And thus, BTS ARMYs in Pakistan started the hashtag #BTSKaPaigham. The hashtag was seemingly coined by BTS’ Pakistan fan base and reached the trending panel in a matter of a few hours.


But the most heartwarming aspect of the entire thing was the messages hundreds of BTS Pakistani ARMY were sharing

The most prominent messages talked about how they learned self-love through BTS. BTS has focused acutely on the theme of loving yourself, which was not just the theme of their music and their tour, but also a campaign they did in collaboration with the UN aimed at the youth of today. And it’s safe to say, with the messages ARMYs shared under the #BTSKaPaigham hashtag, that what BTS is doing is working!


Apart from the focus on self-love, BTS also preaches tolerance and acceptance and BTS Pakistani ARMY made sure to share that

And only a band that sings primarily in Korean could impart that message with justice. While a lot of BTS fans cannot understand the language, BTS has proved that music transcends language. Fans are always well versed with what the message behind any BTS song is and usually the messages are empowering.

Fans shared how BTS gave them the strength to live their lives the way they want; not according to what society deems correct.


BTS Pakistani ARMY shared how they’ve learned that it’s okay to take your time in discovering who you are and not take the path everyone tells you to take.

Clearly BTS has touched a lot of lives around the world including the lives of Pakistani ARMYs and it truly heartwarming to see! How has BTS touched your life? Let us know in the comments below!


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