BTS Had Their Concert In Riyadh And ARMYs Now Think That BTS Is Muslim

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Oct, 2019

BTS had their concert in Riyadh and it’s making people think they’re Muslim (as a joke).

Arguably the world’s most popular musical act right now, Bangtan Sonyeondan or as they’re commonly known as; BTS, just made history last night.

BTS were the first international artists to have taken their independent stadium tour to Saudi Arabia!

Ever since they had announced a tour date for Saudi Arabia, Muslim ARMYs had gone into a frenzy. The addition for a concert in Riyadh made the Muslim part of the fandom feel seen and loved by their favorite idols. For years we have survived on crumbs and dreamed about our favs acknowledging us and they finally did; by bringing their amazing tour to an Arab country!

Fans had been incredibly excited about seeing BTS in Riyadh. And when the band landed in Saudi Arabia and news about their impending performance started coming out fans were already touched. Fans found out that BigHit had educated its staff on the customs of the country and even though they did not have to abide by the dress code as foreigners; they did it out of respect!

Other than that, it was also revealed that the boys would be modifying certain choreography to make sure nothing is offensive.

This was all heartwarming for Muslim fans to hear! Knowing that the biggest boyband in the world was not imposed with any restrictions but chose to do so was amazing! And it only further fueled the hilarious fan theory that BTS are (secretly) Muslim.

Fans have been joking about BTS being Muslim for a while. Fans videos and quotes from the boys to further their theory. One of the most popular evidences of BTS being Muslim is V’s belly dancing skills.

But BTS’ concert in Riyadh reinvigorated this theory a hundredfold. Other than the fact that they were respectful about modesty, Arab ARMYs reported that the band had stopped their rehearsals earlier in the day when they heard the Azaan.

And then came the concert itself! As we all know, BTS makes it a point to learn certain phrases in the local language of the location they are performing in.

Muslim ARMYs were impatiently waiting for the salams, shukrans, and habibis! And we got ALL OF IT AND MORE. 

The vibe of the concert was the same as always, MESMERIZING. But the boys kept it pretty PG. The moment I most waited for was J-Hope’s iconic hip thrusts in Baepsae. I wanted to know how he would avoid them. AND HE THREW HEARTS AT THE CROWD. A respectful king.

The boys even SANG IN ARABIC. They sang Jimin’s birthday song in Arabic and made comments to him in the language too. 

All the boys loved the crowd. And Suga promised SEVERAL times to be back. 

I mean J-Hope straight-up revealed his Muslim name to us; JAMAL!

And if you noticed, the boys did not once bow to the crowd as they usually do at their concerts. And it was clearly because of Islam and bowing to anyone but Allah is considered shirk which is a sin.

All in all, the concert was amazing. And a win for Muslim ARMYs. It feels amazing to know that our favorite idols love us just as much back.

But let’s hope they keep on traveling and visiting more ARMYs in different places! Where do you hope BTS will come next? Let us know in the comments below.


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