BTS Just Gave A Shoutout To The Pakistani ARMY And We're All Losing It, Like Crazy

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 May, 2019

BTS clearly purple hearts their Pakistani ARMY


If you’re a BTS fan, you already know Kim Namjoon is the leader of the band

And because of his amazing leadership and diplomacy skills, a lot of ARMYs truly (and in my opinion rightly) believe that Namjoon should be the President of the World.



Kim Namjoon is probably one of the sweetest and purest souls on the planet

He is always trying to make sure that all ARMYs are happy and feel included in the fandom. So you best believe, our boy made sure to include various languages on screen during his solo performance of ‘Love’ during the first day of BTS’ Allianz Parque performance in Brazil.

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One sharp Pakistani ARMY noticed that there was a nod to the Pakistani ARMY during Namjoon’s solo last night

The Urdu letters for ‘Ishq’ and ‘Muhabbat’ showed up on the screen alongside other languages.

The words showed up on the screen inverted, possibly because other languages follow a left to right pattern while Urdu is the opposite. Whatever the case may be, knowing that BTS included the Urdu word for love during Namjoon’s performance of his solo song, meant a lot to Pakistani BTS ARMYs.

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As always, Pakistani ARMY showed their gratitude to BTS

#BTSOurMuhabbat has been trending on Twitter with people sharing their muhabbat for the beautiful boys.

While it might seem inconsequential to a lot of people, as ARMYs we know how every single word in every song and performance used by BTS has meaning behind it. They never include any lyrics or visuals in their songs which they do not fully endorse or understand.


This means BTS know their Pakistani ARMY exist and adore them enough to give a shout out like that

Clearly, BTS has a big fan base in Pakistan too. And even this little recognition means a lot to ARMYs in Pakistan. We’re not getting a BTS concert here any time soon so little things like these really mean a lot to ARMYs. And hopefully, this is just the beginning.

You can watch the video of the performance below:

What do you think of BTS finally giving a nod to Pakistani ARMYs? Let us know in the comments below.


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