These Boys Played BTS' Boy With Luv To Wake People Up For Sehri And Damn, Muslim ARMY Is Representing

By Rameeza Ahmad | 17 May, 2019

Muslim BTS ARMY unite for Ramazan


Listen, now we all know our seven kings are very inclusive when it comes to their fanbase. They wished their fans a happy Ramazan just last year.


And how can we forget the iconic summer of 2016 when they showed us their visit to Dubai. Arab men are still SHAKING.

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Not to mention the ads so many ARMYs have been saying where BTS and Vlive are wishing ARMYs a Happy Ramazan and are promising to accompany them throughout the month with episodes of BTS’ epic outdoor variety show; Run BTS!


With the acceptance and love Muslim ARMYs have received from BTS, it is only fitting that we return some of it back

Some fans in Indonesia did just that, they woke up people for Sehri in their country by playing BTS’ new hit ‘Boy With Luv’ with make-shift drums made from empty buckets.


These young boys were roaming around the streets of Indonesia singing the hook for Boy With Luv while playing their drums and just trying to wake people up

The fact that they chose this iconic song wasn’t missed by Muslim BTS ARMY all around the world.

Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, and people usually fast there during Ramazan as well. And much like in Pakistan, people there also go around their neighborhoods with makeshift drums to wake their neighbors up. And these boys took it to the next level by playing a current Billboard hit; Boy With Luv. There are a lot of ARMYs in Indonesia and it’s nice to see these boys were representing the fandom during Sehri time.

I sure hope the dhol wala in my neighborhood also plays a few BTS hits as well. What do you think about these boys playing BTS songs to wake people up for Sehri?


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