Ahsan Khan Just Responded To Criticism Against Celebrities Hosting Ramazan Shows

By Iman Zia | 27 May, 2019

Ahsan Khan responds to hosting Ramazan shows after the Punjab Assembly ban earlier this month.

On the dawn of Ramazan, The Punjab Assembly issued out a request to the federal government to ban celebrities from hosting Ramazan transmissions. The resolution called for the federal government to allow only religious scholars onto Ramazan shows during the holy month of fasting.


The resolution said that allowing personalities from “showbiz” to host “Ramazan transmissions is an unfortunate practice.”

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However, nothing became further of this and the issue was entirely ignored as celebrities like Reema, Ahsan Khan, Fahad Mustafa and Imran Abbas continued to host Ramazan shows on telly.

Ahsan Khan recently spoke with Hum TV about how celebrities shouldn’t be judged so quickly for hosting religious transmissions.

The actor reminisced about how he hosed a segment in Ramazan called ‘Hayya Al Falah’ where he “used to ask questions and students selected by the channel would answer them.” Ahsan recalled how that show was what made him realize that he has a lot to learn about Islam; “it was that 30-minute experience daily in Ramazan that made me realize that we have a lot to learn about religion; when I was approached by Maimoona Siddiqui at Hum TV to do a full-fledged transmission, I did not hesitate as I was utilizing my Ramazan for a good cause.”

Source: Hum Television


Ahsan said, “Islamic studies has always been one of my favorite subjects.”

“…So the more I got to know about it from those who teach it, the better. Like every household, my family discusses Islamic issues, consult scholars and meet them to get answers to many questions. These programs help those audiences who don’t have access to renowned scholars so that they get the clarity about religion in this Holy month.”

Source: Hum Television


The actor went onto clarify that hosting a Ramazan transmission didn’t mean he was “acting as a scholar” or that he was “passing away judgments or giving fatwas.”

“I play the role of a bridge here between the audience and the scholars and ask questions that the audience might be interested in because I am part of them as well,” he said. He expressed how the transmission was full of different content that was beyond religion, such as cooking segments, quizzes, and competitions.


“Nobody has the right to judge me and if some people think that I am not a good Muslim because I am an actor, then I ask them who gives them the right to assume such a thing.”

The actor rightfully said how “we need to change this mindset and promote harmony among people from all walks of life, just like we preach harmony between all sects of Islam.”

Source: Hum Television


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