The Punjab Assembly Just Banned Pakistani Celebrities From Hosting Ramazan Shows

By Iman Zia | 3 May, 2019

A resolution that was submitted by the Punjab Assembly and passed to officially ban celebrities from Ramazan shows.

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The Punjab Assembly issued out a request to the federal government to ban celebrities from hosting Ramazan transmissions – and that request just got unanimously accepted.

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The resolution was submitted to the Punjab Assembly last week, and just got passed yesterday.

The resolution called for the federal government to allow only religious scholars onto Ramazan shows during the holy month of fasting. The resolution was submitted on April 30 by Pakistan’s ‘Rah-e-Haq’ party’s parliamentary leader Maulana Muhammad Muavia Azam. The resolution said that allowing personalities from “showbiz” to host “Ramazan transmissions is an unfortunate practice.”

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He went onto state how “Ramazan transmissions are hosted by people who have no affiliations with the ranks of the Islamic faith.”

The prevalence of shows hosted by essential “non-scholars” meant that it “afflict[ed] the spirits of millions of Muslims every year.”

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The resolution passed also housed a request to PEMRA to catalyze the ban on celebrities hosting Ramazan shows, however, PEMRA is yet to comment on this. Sanam Baloch, who was a prominent Ramazan host, recently took to Instagram to denounce that she would be continuing on as a host this year; Sanam confirmed that she would not be returning to Ramazan transmissions, and was instead focusing on her rekindled career as an actress.


Do you agree or disagree with the passing of this resolution?


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