The Internet Can't Stop Comparing Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Wedding To Nick And Priyanka's

By Arslan Athar | 3 May, 2019

Recently, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shocked everyone and got married in Las Vegas, in true Las Vegas style with an Elvis impersonator.

Source: @diplo / Instagram


The pictures that came out of this Las Vegas shaadi were such a M O O D. 

Source: @joeandsohpie / Instagram


It all looked like a blur, but they both also look super happy!

Source: @ET / Instagram


The couple took ‘put a ring on it’ to a whole other, much more fun level. 

Source: @ET / Instagram


It seemed like a good family time. 

Source: @TMZ / Instagram


To end the night, they took a *little* dip in a hot tub. 


It wasn’t too long ago that another Jonas wedding took over our newsfeeds. 

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra wow-ed the world with their long, purely Bollywood style wedding.

Source: People Magazine


Given how recent this was, the comparisons are coming in hot. 


They even brought it the older brother, Kevin.

I can feel the savagery through my phone. 


Literally, no one was ready for this. 


The brothers and their weddings are truly are a spectrum. 



The meme references were so on point. 




People really get creative with their GIF use. 


But, hold on just for a second. The couple isn’t done celebrating their shaadi just yet. 

Apparently, both of them are still planning their wedding festivites in Paris. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were set to get married in Paris at some point this year. Sources claim that this ceremony was more for the ‘fun’ of it all and that their ‘proper’ wedding will be taking place later this year. So we still have that to look forward to.

Source: @sophiet / Instagram


Each wedding definitely had its own charm and honestly, to each their own. But you’ve got to admit, it takes a lot to just get up and get married. Joe and Sophie, you guys keep doing you.

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  Cover Photo Courtesy: @ET / Instagram and People Magazine

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