Indian Actress Payal Rohatgi Went Too Far With Her Comments Against Muslims And People Are Pissed

By Noor | 27 May, 2019

While we wish to see secularism around us, we all know how desi community can be extremely racist. Recent Indian elections and fear of Hindu nationalists feeling more empowered because of Modi’s win were renewed when Indian actress Payal Rohatgi went on a weird AF rant.


Payal Rohatgi, an Indian actress, has always been one of those who love to spew some weird opinins

Now it seems that the actress is back at it AGAIN by saying that streets in Delhi named after Mughal rulers should be changed and renamed after Hindu Kings. She further mentioned that this is her freedom of speech and liberals in Indian should learn to deal with it.

Payal Rohtagi has faced serious backlash over her remarks on the Muslim ancestors and here’s what the people have said.


The actress has been brutally trolled by the Indians who reminded her that she is wearing an Anarkali frock which depicts the Mughal culture


People mocked the actress and asked her to change her Anarkali dress


People have been asserting that the actress might be an attention seeker


Some even went a little too far, calling her brainless


A few went on to correct the actress that the market was named after a freedom fighter and NOT after the Mughal kings

They also stated that the actress has extremely less knowledge of Indian history.


Well it’s NOT the first time that the actress has tweeted against the Muslims, She has been doing it previously too

The actress has wrongly interpreted the status of women in Islam and has talked about sensitive issues like jihad and halala and have portrayed them as evil practices.


The actress has also been accused by many of being historically incorrect and of misguiding the general public about the Indo-Pak History


It’s not just the Muslims she makes false stories about, she also glorifies the oppressive practice of Sati within the Hindu community


So, what are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @Payal_Rohatgi/Twitter

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