People Are Fearing For Muslims In India, After Modi Once Again Wins The Indian Election

By Biya Haq | 23 May, 2019

What will become of the Muslims living in India in fear? 

As the hours strike on, we grow closer to learning the results of the Indian elections, 2019.

Source: Forbes

Modi has officially taken the lead in the latest numbers of votes counted in. If Modi is to win, this will be yet another year for him as Prime Minister and another year in running India under his own government.

However, according to reactions on social media, it seems that most people are concerned for a very specific group of individuals living in India, in a fact a very larger group of these individuals living in India.

As Modi leads in the polls, people on social media are afraid for Muslims living in India, afraid of what Modi may do.

This reaction does not come with some history attached to it, of course. Many people in India and outside of India blame Modi for creating resentment towards this specific minority group thanks to his heavily nationalistic way of running the country as well as campaigning for office.

Since his initiation into power in 2015, certain vigilante groups have also been on the rise with aims to create violent living conditions for these individuals.

Now people all over the world fear for the fate of Muslims as well as other minority groups in India.

How much worse the violence will get and how little Modi may do in the face of it, to prevent it.

Incidents such a mob lynching and general terrorizing play a strong role in these people’s lives, especially in urban areas where the government may play less of a role and the notion of nationalism stays strong.

While this feeling around minorities still exists in India and seems to only grow stronger with the tidings and words of Modi, it is scary to think what kind of power the man can implement on the lives of millions of Muslims, if he chose to. Given our recent history with Indian armed forces earlier this year, it is not difficult to imagine the kind of threats Modi may be capable of if something similar were to arise again.

Of course, there is always a chance that Modi takes this opportunity to strengthen his country and the people in it, no matter what religion or faith they follow. May not seem super achievable, but everyone has to dream towards a better future, for all of us.

Have you been paying attention to the news? What do you think of Modi’s lead? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: The Hindu

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