The Rise Of K-Pop in Pakistan And Why Some Men Are Terribly Confused By It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Sep, 2018

K-Pop in Pakistan is poppin’


Korean Pop music or K-Pop, as it is more commonly known as, has risen to insane levels of popularity, globally.


The year 2018 has been particularly good for the entire genre of K-Pop since it has now made its way into the mainstream.

The boyband BTS made headlines globally when they performed at the Billboard Music Awards and made an appearance on the Ellen show.



K-Pop clearly has a big following in Pakistan with incredibly loyal fans.

Of course, they have a VERY loyal fanbase in Pakistan as well. BTS fans refer to themselves as ‘Army’. And things get a little confusing when you specifically search for fans in Pakistan since results for the term ‘Pakistan Army’ brings about a very different image.


The fandoms of K-Pop celebrities are known to work together to help their band favorite succeed.

In fact, the K-Pop fandom even helps spread awareness and was a key component in getting the Bangladeshi student crisis noticed by international media outlets.



But of course, not a lot of people appreciate K-Pop stars and how loved they are especially by women. These men from Pakistan just happen to be among those “haters”


After this guy’s tweet the entire K-Pop fandom came for him and made some great points about how gender biases may play a role in perception about everything

Seeing this guys reaction towards women liking K-pop stars who do not conform to the traditional standards of masculinity I became curious to know what exactly Pakistani men think of K-pop stars. And whether they are ‘alarmed’ by women liking them or not.


So I asked my male colleagues for their opinions on the matter, and it was interesting. Some thought that people can like whoever they wanted to like because it’s their preference.


Some were very confused and concerned.

It is clear that these men, in K-Pop, do not conform to the traditional masculine stereotypes we have always known, historically. They have immaculate skin, their fashion and accessories are carefully picked and eccentric, they frequently dye their hair funky colors and showcase their ‘sweet’ personalities in interviews which fans seem to love.

It is significant because it represents the modern generations’ perception of gender, sexuality and expressing individuality. And when someone calls K-Pop stars’ behavior feminine, the fans clearly do not care for it.

Honestly, let people stan whoever they want to stan! It’s a free world, after all. And as for the men in K-pop looking too feminine, well it’s 2018 so let’s ditch gender roles and norms once and for all.

What are your opinions about K-pop and it’s stars? Let us know in the comments.



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