After Rabi Pirzada, A Video Allegedly Of Cricketer Shaheen Afridi Video Just Leaked

By Aam Nawab | 2 Nov, 2019

After Rabi Pirzada a video allegedly of Shaheen Afridi leaked online

TikTok star Hareem Shah, was recently a part of controversy and now someone who claims to be Hareem Shah, has come forward to share videos of cricketer, Shaheen Afridi being inappropriate over video call. Previously, Imad Wasim and Imam-ul-Haq too have been dragged in news for being inappropriate. Fans are pissed at cricketer Shaheen Afridi and just cannot handle too much information after Rabi Pirzada, in just one day.


A video allegedly of cricketer Shaheen Afridi was leaked online by an account claiming to be of TikTok star Hareem Shah

This person with 72.2 K following, claiming to be Hareem Shah, announced on Twitter yesterday that they’d be exposing a cricketer, who started masturbating on a video call.

They asked everyone to guess who the cricketer was and although claimed to post the video yesterday, the account user posted a short video of Shaheen Afridi today, where he is allegedly masturbating.


The account owner also clarified that this isn’t part of #MeToo movement, rather just an exhibit how men think of women

They stated that contrary to popular belief, not every women is looking for sex and being famous doesn’t give anyone the right to exploit women.


After Rabi Pirzada, Shaheen Afridi has become the biggest conversation on social media

Via: Twitter


People are shocked after the video of Shaheen Afridi leaked soon after Rabi Pirzada and how massive the infringement of privacy of celebrities’ personal spaces is


While some are victim blaming these celebrities for making the videos in the first place


Sadly, the concept of revenge porn seems to have flown over people’s heads and how wide and far reaching its ramifications actually are

And that losing the respect takes no time.


People also had the nerve to joke about it because I guess that’s just become our coping mechanism in such situations


Nawa katta..


There are some sane voices rightfully raising concerns about the infringement of privacy of famous people like Rabi Pirzada and Shaheen Afridi


There are defenders of Shaheen as well who believe that it is propaganda against Shaheen Afridi and the man in the video isn’t him


Fan pages of Shaheen Afridi have urged public not to get carried away by any such propaganda and have claimed that the video is fake


Shaheen Afridi has apparently blocked the Twitter user claming to be Hareem Shah after they allegedly exposed him


People have actually come out to threaten to expose who the real person behind the account is


Everything about this whole situation has created a lot of confusions, chaos and questions. Nobody for sure knows if it’s Hareem Shah’s real account; and if it’s not, who’s behind all of this>

Others still don’t believe it’s Shaheen Afridi’s video and want clearer evidence. Rest of them are mad at how Pakistanis are an epitome of double standards, where only girls are victimized, even if both of them literally do the same thing. With the recent reactions to Rabi Pirzada’s leaked videos being used as a comparison.

Whatever it is, what’s true for a fact is, that this is a huge blow to Shaheen Afridi’s privacy and we need urgent proper understanding of how dangerous such revenge porn can be.


People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

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Cover image via: / @iHareemShah via Twitter

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