Cricketer Imad Wasim Was Just Dragged Into A Scandal But His Fans Aren't Having Any Of It

By Sarah Babar | 28 Sep, 2017

Player of cricket, asker of questions, and owner of interesting hair, Imad Wasim is the Vice Captain of the Pakistan T20 team. He’s a bowler and a batsman, and currently the center of a controversy that’s getting bigger by the minute


Last night, pictures, allegedly of, Imad and a mystery woman started circulating the Internet

Source: Twitter


The woman in question is apparently of Afghan descent and has alleged that Imad abandoned their relationship and has been avoiding her for a while

Source: Twitter

And apparently, it was the girl, herself, who leaked these images out of sheer spite.


There have been images where people are claiming there are different women in the images, his wife, and the woman he’s ‘cheating’ on his wife with

Source: Twitter


There were apparent hotel booking records that the lady also leaked

Source: Twitter


And an interesting WhatsApp conversation

Source: Twitter


However, Imad has come out and denied every single allegation, point blank


He says he’s completely single and not associated with the woman who claimed to be in a relationship with him

He also said that a fan took pictures with him and then people started claiming that he’s married to her. When another image surfaced, with another fan, there were allegations of him cheating on his wife.


People all over Twitter got together to support the cricketer


And to tell him that they’ve got his back


Especially in his time of need


As good fans should


Some were trying to make sense of the situation


Others were telling him to ignore this and move on


Some got a little too aggressive while defending him


And of course, some people just taking the mickey out of it


At the end, Imad is following one rule in his life



At the end, all we’d want to say is that let’s just all, as a people, let others live. Focus on ourselves. And lead happier lives.


Cover image via BBC

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