Ali Zafar Just Made This 7-Year-Old Fan's Day With A Kind Gesture And It's So Adorable

By Hurmat Riaz | 27 Sep, 2017

Ali Zafar is one of those Pakistani celebrities who knows how to make his fans feel special

Whether it is by responding to some random Twitter interview or by reaching out to our hearts by his amazing poetry.

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Here’s how this 7-year-old fan’s day was made by the kindness showed by Ali Zafar

This is Ibrahim Rehman, a 7-year-old kid from Rawalpindi, Pakistan and probably the youngest fan of Ali Zafar.

Source: Taimur Rehman


Ibrahim’s father, Taimur Rehman posted this video a few days ago where Ibrahim asked Ali Zafar for a special request

And boy, the kid has got talent!

At the end of the video, Ibrahim also invited Ali to his house for some casual hangout.

His father also thanked Ali for inspiring his son and others with his music and shared this video on Facebook and asked his friends to help him out in fulfilling his son’s wish because that’s what a father’s got to do.


The video made its way to Ali Zafar and he responded!

Ali ‘accidentally’ wished Ibrahim because it was not his birthday lekin muft ki wish mein kya hai? 😉

He also gave hope to Ibrahim to hang in because he will surely meet his idol someday.


Ibrahim’s father told MangoBaaz that Ibrahim felt ecstatic at Ali’s response

He was beyond happy that he got to fulfill his son’s wish and made his day.

Source: Taimur Rehman


Ibrahim himself is a talented young musician who aspires to make a name in the music world

Ibrahim studies in grade 1 and enjoys classical music and these days he’s reading Mirza Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir’s poetry these days.

Source: Taimur Rehman

He also likes to do Urdu recitals with his father who is also fond of Urdu literature.

For Taimur, parenting is not just a mother’s job that is why he finds new and interesting ways to bond with his son.


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