Boys, Here's How To Get A Pyaari Daari That Girls Will Drool Over

By Kashaf | 27 Sep, 2017

Kiya aap ki daari pyaari hai?


Beard grooming has never been easy. Growing a beard takes true dedication – they don’t take care of themselves. Whether you’re just past the stubble phase or if you’re trying to tame 2-foot long bristles these tricks will make people say kya baat hai yaar. 

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1. Fight through the early transition troubles

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When you first start growing your facial hair it will itch…a lot. You must fight through the itch, it will get better after a few weeks.


2. Exercise patience

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You must resist the urge to trim or style your beard in the beginning stages and leave it untouched for 4-6 weeks. This helps the hair grow evenly and it can help you choose a style for the length and thickness of your beard. Shaping or trimming too early can sometimes take months to fix.


3. Accept defeat

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If it has been over three months and your beard still looks patchy and untidy, it may be time to give up. Shave it off and move on with your life.


4. Keep a style that suits your face shape

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Find the best beard style for your face. Different face shapes call for specific beard styles. Here are common beard styles for distinct face shapes:

  • Round face – hair should grow longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides. Try a goatee or a soul patch.
  • Square face – grow hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. Try a balbo or a chin strap.
  • Oval face – the most versatile, almost anything works.
  • Rectangular face – grow more hair around the cheeks, try a full beard or an extended goatee.


5. Trim it

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Knowing when and how to trim is essential to a well-groomed beard. Some people recommend only getting trimmed professionally. However, if you’re dedicated enough invest in a quality trimmer and scissors and find a technique that works for you.


6. Wash it regularly

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Scrub your beard 2-3 times a week to get rid of trapped food or dirt (makes it less itchy too).  Most men use bar soap to wash their beard – bad idea. This will dry out the skin under your beard. Use a moisturizing shampoo to keep your facial hair from being rough. You can also use a specialized beard shampoo to tame your mass.


7. Condition it

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Use a thick conditioner to keep your beard from being wiry and to make your hair soft. You can lather your beard in conditioner and leave it in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Make sure to pat your beard dry gently, aggressive toweling can lead to split ends and frizz.


8. Always use a beard comb to groom it

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Invest in a beard comb. The hair on your beard is not the same as the hair on your head. For longer beards, use a wide toothed wooden comb. For shorter or fine-haired beards use a fine toothed comb. Wooden combs are the best, as plastic and metal combs tend to rip out your precious hair.


9. Eat healthy

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Believe it or not, your diet effects your beard health. Eating a balanced diet with protein, fat, and B complex vitamins is vital to growing healthy hair. Getting a good night’s sleep is also important for growth.


10. Oil it

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Nothing tames hair like oiling does. This is true for beards as well. Oiling your beard will make it soft, shiny, and make it smell divine. It will also help with the texture and eliminate split ends. Here are some oils you can use for your beard:

  • coconut oil
  • argon oil
  • almond oil
  • essential oils like lavender, rosemary, or cedarwood


If you’re passionate about your beard, tell us how these tips worked for you.


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