Ali Zafar Just Poured His Heart Out Through ~Deep~ Words And It's So Much MashAllah

By Sarah Babar | 29 Jul, 2017

Ali Zafar has always been an emotional man.

Whether it is on TV shows, his movies or on Coke Studio, the man has a lot of emotions and he’s not afraid to let them all out.

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He’s also been a many of many words

And we were in awe of his superpower of writing like a dream the last time around he put up his Afterglow.

"Afterglow". To be written on the mentioned date.

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He now returns with more ~deep~ words

Words fall short to express. #teefaintrouble the experience. #TNT

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In his current wordgasm Ali Zafar wrote a heartfelt letter to the team of his upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Teefa In Trouble’. The movie had been in production for a while, now. And now that the shoot is all wrapped up, Ali Zee is very very nostalgic.


Reminiscing over the past 70 days going by like a dream

With the memories printed on his mind. The moments embellished into his memory. While it was hard to explain, it wasn’t. That’s an artist, right there, ladies and gentlemen, saying so much and saying nothing at all. What it means to an artist when a single and simple thought transforms into a full-fledged feature film? Guess we’ll never know.

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He learned about life, relationships, and friends more than he expected

Which is good. It stood true. It has been a splendid journey. Which is also good. He worked day and night and put in ~more than~ just heart and soul into making the spectacle of a film. His words, not ours.

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Leaving us with wise, wise words, Ali Zafar had this to say

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And also a small thank you n♥te at the end of it

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Thank you Ali Zafar, and thank you, God.

Source: @ali_zafar / Instagram


We love you Ali Z, thank you for making us all proud. Shine on with the immense talent you have, you rock star <3


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