People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

By Sarmad Amer | 1 Nov, 2019

Videos and photos of singer Rabi Pirzada leaked online last night, infringing her privacy

Rabi Pirzada has made a name for herself more so as a social media stunt master than a singer, although her stated official profession is that of a singer. Her comments about everything other than her own work go viral. Well now she’s found herself in a new controversy and that’s all about infringement of her privacy.


Last night, intimate videos and photos of singer Rabi Pirzada leaked and quickly spread through WhatsApp

Countless private Facebook groups and meme pages pounced upon the leaks, making jokes and piquing people’s interest to demand for more of the videos and photos.


Because of the massive interest in videos of Rabi Pirzada that leaked the singer has become the top trend on Pakistani social media right now

With countless issues, particularly the massive tragedy of the Tezgam Express that just unfolded yesterday and is possibly a huge failure of security and proper protocol on the part of the Railway ministry, Rabi’s private videos and photos being leaked have put everyone’s attention elsewhere.

Rabi Pirzada leaked twitter
Via: Twitter


Of course, in such a conspiracy loving country of ours people are coming up with theories as to why and how videos of Rabi Pirzada leaked so let’s dive in

So the first theory is that Rabi Pirzada sent the intimate videos and photos to a boyfriend of hers who leaked them. For people believing this theory, they are saying that her boyfriend apparently had her iCloud password and therefore he leaked her videos and photos.

Okay so this may or may not be the truth in Rabi’s case but it is definitely a huge problem for many vulnerable young women and even men. Revenge porn is the name given to such incidents where a jealous ex leaks your intimate videos and photos you’ve shared with them or even photoshops your face on such intimate photos and even videos just to humiliate a person. Many young people have even taken their lives because of the trauma of having their privacy invaded at such a deeper level because of revenge porn incidents.


According to another theory it is allegedly DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor behind the leak of her videos. So people who are ascribing to this theory think that because Rabi Pirzada’s last tweet is about how she is disappointed about DG ISPR trying to defend the item song that Neelam Muneer has done for a ISPR-funded movie, the DG ISPR allegedly got pissed at Rabi and he leaked her videos and photos.

While the semantics can appear as if the theory might have legs, honestly I’m having a hard time imagining that the most important matter for DG ISPR would be to take revenge from Rabi Pirzada, of all people, for her tweet criticizing him.


But there are defenders of this theory who believe that DG ISPR is not behind this and in fact all those taking his name are actually Indian troll accounts pretending to be Pakistanis and just defaming DG ISPR because they’ve found an opportunity.

Given the rocky relationship with India right now and India’s very shady past behavior on the internet, one can understand why this could be the case but obviously until an official source confirms this we can’t believe a conspiracy theory, right?

Whatever the reason for the leak of her intimate videos and photos may be, cyber security is an increasingly challenging concern. Online privacy and cyber security activists have been trying to help people learn how to take measures to ensure none of their data gets in the wrong hands. Especially in a country like Pakistan where morality is a very tenuous issue, and women in particular are held to a very rigid standard of morality, such leaks serve only for more trolls to attack women like Rabi Pirzada. Not only do we need to be more forgiving as a society, we also need to be more educated about matters of sex and sexuality so leaks like these can be actual discussions about privacy rights rather than voyeuristic pleasure for people.


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Cover image via: / @NotHerAhmed via Twitter

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