Rabi Pirzada Taunted Modi With Her Snakes, Now Pakistani Government Might Sue Her

By Maryam Malik | 16 Sep, 2019

Rabi Pirzada and her snakes are in trouble

Rabi Pirzada was a singer who turned into a television host but what didn’t change is her perpetual bravery. Her badass adventures in life always keep her highlighted on social media.


Rabi Pirzada is famous for her crazy hobby of keeping rather… “wild” pets

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Rabi Pirzada and her snakes feature quite a bit on the singer’s social media

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But she also shows her crocodiles


Even lions

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Rabi Pirzada and her snakes went viral recently, taunting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In her video, Pirzada threatened Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of dire consequences if he continued with “atrocities in [Indian-administered] Kashmir.” She went on to say “I, a Kashmiri lady, is ready with her snakes for India. These gifts are for Modi actually. You are bothering Kashmiris so this is what I have prepared for you. So, get ready to die in hell, okay? And my friends [the exotic animals] would feast on you in hell.”


“My friends will feast on you”, Rabi Pirzada said about her snakes

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Naturally, this caused an uproar among the public

The first one to react to it was The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department who initiated legal action against the singer. It was learnt that she has given her pets a home in her salon in Lahore and keeping exotic animals such as alligators, snakes, pythons is a violation of the Wildlife Act. Hence, action was taken against it after fresh photos with her wild pets surfaced on social media.

The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department submitted a challan in a court against her for taking pictures and videos with the reptiles.

Source: tribune.com.pk

DG Wildlife Protection Sohail Ashraf told media Rabi would have to hand over all these animals to the Wildlife Protection Department and if convicted, the singer can be imprisoned for up to five years and will have to pay a fine.


Online, she was criticized by animal rights activists as they condemned the violation of the act

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Indians were also afraid of Rabi Pirzada and her snakes

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Rabi, however, made it clear that no such thing has happened and that she is still home enjoying with her pets


More than once


Her fans showed their support for Rabi Pirzada and her snakes telling her to stay strong


Rabi did feel that her battle against Modi is being hindered because of the Wildlife Department’s notice

She believed it was because of them that India now thinks she’s in jail.


She even asked Prime Minister Imran Khan for help


She couldn’t understand why the action was being taken only after she talked against Modi because she had been posting with her pets long before this incident

“I have been uploading such videos with snakes and crocodiles and other reptiles for last five years but the moment I uploaded a video with a message to Indian Prime Minister, the wildlife department jumped into action against me,” complained Pirzada in her reaction.

“This shows Modi’s friends are not only present in India they are also present in Pakistan”, Rabi whined.

What do you think of Rabi getting possibly sued for endangering wild animals like snakes and keeping them as pets to taunt Modi? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: Rabi Pirzada / YouTube


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