Pakistanis Are Pissed After Muslims Mobbed The Hindu Community In Ghotki After Accusing A School Principal Of Blasphemy

By Janita Tahir | 16 Sep, 2019

On Sunday, a Hindu principal in Ghotki was accused of blasphemy on school premises by a student. Consequently, an FIR (first information report) was filed against him by the student’s father.


Law and order went out the window in Ghotki when an outraged mob took to the streets and vandalized the school, three Hindu temples and even attacked Hindu houses after the blasphemy accusation

They closed roads and videos of them wielding sticks and destroying property have now gone viral on social media.

People of Pakistan are enraged at this barbaric behavior, especially when these accusations haven’t yet been proven, and are taking to social media to stand up for the Hindu minority.


Pakistanis thought this was not okay because Islam preached love not hate

The vandalism and inspired fear in Ghotki was not accepted by many Pakistani Muslims because it was an act given birth by hate and it essentially went against all the Islamic teachings.


People demanded that the mob leader gets arrested

Mian Mithoo, who is accused of several crimes against the Hindu minority which includes kidnapping young Hindu girls, forcing his faith on people and being the leader of the violent mob, was criticized by Pakistanis and they wanted him in jail. The hashtag #ArrestMianMithoo was trended.


People were outraged at the destruction of a holy temple for a minority community that is already under siege

Islam gives us many examples where the followers of the faith were not allowed to destroy holy places belonging to other religions. It’s a religion of tolerance and this uncivilized behavior was in contradiction to Islamic teachings which upset Pakistanis.


Of course, the Hindu community was furious

They spoke out against the unfair behavior and how being Pakistanis their rights should also be protected. Many people trended the hashtag #PakistanForAll. Pakistan is a country of diverse people and should welcome and protect them as such.


People dragged the Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari for not being able to protect human lives when they were being mobbed


Many Muslims in Pakistan are standing up for the suffering Hindu community 

The majority of the Muslim community has come out with outpouring love and support for our Hindu brethren. They demand the matter to be handled in a fair manner. In Ghotki, a crowd of Muslims gathered at their holy temples to ensure the safety of Hindus.


People urged others to protect the white in our flag

Sindhis urged each other to come out in support of the Hindu minority. The white color in our flag represents the non-muslims and green represent Muslims, combined together it’s a symbol of peace and prosperity. We Pakistanis should uphold the foundation of peace that was set by our Quaid.


Many demanded a proper investigation for Ghotki

Pakistanis thought the only right way to go about this is dealing with it in an organized way according to the law. The person found responsible for this should be held accountable at all costs.


Additional Inspector General of Police responded to the public

IGP Jamil Ahmed took to Twitter to inform the public that matters in Ghotki have been taken care for. He ensured that a fair investigation will be carried out after the facts have been confirmed and justice will be served.


Extremism is not part of what Islam stands of. These incidences of violence give a misguided reflection of Islamic teachings. Actions of an individual should not be held against the entire community. Muslims know what persecution feels like better than anyone else, hence we should not take part in it ourselves, if we can’t speak up for the oppressed, at least.


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