Singer Rabi Pirzada Just Tried To Troll Mehwish Hayat For Her Kashmir Comments

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Oct, 2019

Rabi Pirzada went after Mehwish Hayat and of course it’s a tasteless troll

Mehwish Hayat has found herself at the center of all kinds of attention ever since she received her ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ earlier this year. Recently she’s been speaking up about Kashmir since India removed Article 370 and put a communication blackout on the people of Kashmir.

Despite Mehwish being vocal about Kashmir she has gotten into trouble recently after she was told not to speak on the matter during a charity event

A video leaked where she was shown refusing commenting on Kashmir saying, “mujhe mana kiya gaya hai” without context, making the actress appear in a negative light.


Mehwish garnered a lot of controversy after her video went viral leading to people trolling her unnecessarily.


Singer Rabi Pirzada just went after Mehwish Hayat for her Kashmir comments

She made some very nasty, shady comments about Mehwish.


Rabi Pirzada hinted that Mehwish Hayat has had plastic surgery

Whether or not it’s true is a separate debate, when Mehwish has chosen to keep her cosmetic surgery a private matter it gives no right to Rabi, or anyone else for that matter, to reveal her personal details or make them a talking point by unnecessarily discussing them publicly.


Pakistanis didn’t appreciate Rabi Pirzada trolling Mehwish Hayat

Many people told her that it was wrong of her to criticize Mehwish, particularly by using personal life as a point of concern regarding Mehwish’s Kashmir related comments.


They also reminded Rabi that Mehwish has actually been very outspoken regarding Kashmir


People also pointed out that Rabi is coming off as nothing but jealous of Mehwish after her comments

Rabi was trying to troll Mehwish for her comments on Kashmir, bringing up her personal life or cosmetic surgeries only serves to cheapen Rabi’s point. During a time of humanitarian crisis, mudslinging will achieve nothing but notoriety and despicable discussion that diverts from the actual issue. It would be better if Rabi learns to think before she speaks, no?

What are your thoughts on Rabi Pirzada going after Mehwish Hayat? Sound off in the comments below.


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