Tamgha E Imtiaz Winner Mehwish Hayat Just Brutally Dragged Bollywood For Their Portrayal Of Pakistanis

By Noor | 19 Aug, 2019

Mehwish Hayat clapping back at Bollywood like a queen

Recently, Priyanka Chopra made some disgusting remarks to a Pakistani woman and got severe backlash. The actress was accused of fanning flames at a crucial time when the two South Asian nations were at the verge of a nuclear war. Later, after responding to a Pakistani girl regarding this issue, Priyanka was dragged AGAIN for her hypocritical response.

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Mehwish Hayat responded to Priyanka and Bollywood, at large, about their hypocrisy over Kashmir and their portrayal of Pakistanis in the best way possible

The actress started off by giving the background information about the whole issue and then substantiated her piece of writing with her own opinions.


Mehwish highlighted the drawbacks of celebrity activism and pointed out that it often escapes from the public scrutiny, unlike political activism


Mehwish Hayat also accused Bollywood of fueling hate for Muslims and for proliferating the culture of Islamophobia through their stereotypical portrayal of Muslims and Pakistanis

She went on to state that Bollywood is guilty of the vitriolic attacks on Muslims and has inculcated the anti-Muslim narratives into the minds of the naive audience. The actress highlighted that fact that this all has led to the common Muslim lynching in India for crimes like eating beef.

The Tamgha e Imtiaz holder commented that Ms. Chopra has fallen into the category of the irrational Hindu nationalists. Mehwish explained that the statements by Priyanka are the reason why analysts urge the celebrities to stay out of politics. She clearly mentioned that Priyanka has actually supported the racism disguised under patriotism.


Mehwish emphasized that issues like Kashmir are TOO important to be playing politics with

She highlighted the deteriorated humanitarian condition in Kashmir and the Indian armed oppression against the Kashmiris.

She concluded her statement by asserting that like Lollywood, Bollywood should focus on human suffering and should break the negative stereotypes in the Indian film industry because this is what humanity wants to see.


Even before Mehwish wrote the article for CNN, people had been appreciating her because she has been vocally speaking up about peace recently on several international media and public platforms


People appreciated the actress for her strong opinions and saluted her bravery


People were also amazed by her understanding of the Kashmir issue


They appreciated Mehwish Hayat for addressing Bollywood head on for its flaws and mistakes

They mentioned that the actress rightfully stated that unlike the Bollywood intellectuals, the people in Hollywood have stood up against bigotry.

Mehwish deserves the appreciation for highlighting the chaotic situation in Kashmir and for unveiling the hypocrisy of the Indian public figures.

So, what are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments.


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