Sonam Kapoor Just Defended Herself After Being Ridiculed For Her Stance On Kashmir And It's Worse

By Sannia Bilal | 19 Aug, 2019

Sonam Kapoor talked about Kashmir and she’s being roasted brutally

The escalating situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir after Article 370 was revoked by the Indian Government almost 2 weeks ago has been a major concern for Pakistan ever since. In addition to that, the connection blackout in the region for more than 10 consecutive days has only added fuel to the fire.

At a time like this, we’ve all been eager to see how and when celebrities will show any concerns on the matter while the public turns a blind eye towards the atrocities that continue to take their toll.


Soman Kapoor spoke on Kashmir after being asked about it, becoming one of the few Bollywood celebrities to share her thoughts on the matter

Recently, while talking to BBC Asia, the ‘Khoobsurat’ actress voiced her concerns on the matter. She said, “it’s heartbreaking to see where the situation has landed right now but I am very patriotic. So I think for me now, it’s better to keep quiet and let this pass because this too shall pass.” She also talked about how the political situation between India and Pakistan has divided the two countries. “The fact that there is so much divisive politics at play is really heartbreaking”, she stated.



In addition to that, she also expressed resentment towards the ban of Bollywood movies in Pakistan.

“As an artist, you want to be represented everywhere and you want your work to be shown everywhere.” Moreover, she spoke briefly about one of her recent releases ‘Neerja’ that wasn’t released in the country even though it was a true story about a plane that landed in Karachi and was hijacked, “It did not in anyway show Pakistan in a negative light at all but the fact that they didn’t show the film there was really heartbreaking for me. I have a huge Pakistani fan following and my two best friends are Muslim and half Pakistani”, she added.


“I think it’s very complicated and I don’t understand it as much because there is so much contrasting news everywhere so I don’t really believe what the truth is”, Sonam Kapoor added on the matter of the Kashmir conflict.

While a lot of her fellow Bollywood actors have spoken in favor of the events that have manifested the unrest in the region, she says, “I believe in having a peaceful discourse and understanding what’s going on. So when I have more information, is when I think I can give an opinion.” She even said that her family has had strong links to Pakistan. “I am half Sindhi, half Peshawari so it’s heartbreaking to see that part of my culture is something that I can’t explore as well because of that.”

Nonetheless, in the end she talked about how she’s hoping for peace to prevail in the valley. “I hope there is a peaceful way of working things out. I don’t know how that’s possible but I think there should be because it’s a beautiful place but its been under so much duress and I don’t think anybody knows who’s right. I don’t think they themselves know who’s right”, she stated.


Her stance on the matter has been garnering a fair amount of backlash from Pakistanis ever since it has surfaced

People stated that she’s trying to avoid the truth by making vague statements.


They’re questioning her on the fact that this unrest hasn’t passed in 72 years, when is she hoping for it to pass?


Matlab, the human rights violations in Kashmir should not be talked about but showing concern over the release of her movie in Pakistan is majorly upsetting.

After all the massive backlash Sonam just tried to defend herself


And it looks like she might have dug a bigger hole for herself


Even Indians are pissed at her now

Khair, in the end what really matters is the safety and peace in Kashmir which is still at risk. After a security lockdown and communication blackout that lasted for almost two weeks, the authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir now claim that the landline telephone links have been restored and the restrictions in movement have eased in parts of Kashmir.

I hope and pray to witness the break of dawn that shall reveal the true independence and freedom of Kashmiris that they’ve been striving for. They’ve suffered enough for the past seven decades and the world cannot and should not turn a blind eye towards the atrocities they’ve endured. May peace prevail.

What do you think about Sonam Kapoor speaking on Kashmir? Let us know in the comments.


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