Irfan Junejo Was Asked To Comment On Kashmir. His Response Has Caused A Massive Backlash

By Noor | 19 Aug, 2019

Irfan Junejo finally spoke on Kashmir after being asked to and now he’s getting dragged for it


So by now, we all know about the Junejo controversy, right? Irfan Junejo, a famous YouTuber, chose to NOT discuss the Kashmir issue and he substantiated his argument with several reasons. Since then, he has been getting A LOT of hate from his ‘fans’, which is why he came up with another video so let us fill in you with the details of it.


Irfan Junejo was asked to speak on Kashmir and when he finally did in a video, his comments did not sit well

The YouTuber started off the video by stating that this video is NOT related to Kashmir in any way, Instead, it’s about the people who have been bashing him lately.

At the start of the video, he mentioned that before diving into the actual topic of the video, he wants to clarify that he in no way intends to imply that Kashmir issue is less important or anything. He further said that he realizes that whatever is happening in Kashmir is very serious and is very sad but he wants to talk about the actual topic of the video.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Irfan bhai stated that he has been receiving a lot of indecent messages on social media by the people who are forcing him to make a video regarding Kashmir 

He revealed that he is being bullied to another level and he said that he can’t be forced do something.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube

He mentioned that initially, his main source of knowledge related to Kashmir were the retweets by his Twitter family. He wasn’t really updated about the distressing situation in the valley of Kashmir. Junejo talked about how later he came across the video of Hassan Minhaj which explained him the entire stuff. In Irfan bhai’s words, ” That video summed up everything for me.” He explained that he could connect with the video and thus decided to share it on all his social media accounts to ensure that his followers know that this is his stance regarding this particular issue.

Here’s Hassan Minhaj’s video that Junejo mentioned, for reference and clarity:


Despite his stance Irfan Juenjo said speaking on Kashmir was something his fans were constantly harassing him for

He said he was clearly asked to make a video on Kashmir or he will be ‘canceled’. Later, he tweeted out a thread to explain why he did NOT want to make a direct video on Kashmir. Irfan bhai said that things got even worse after those tweets and this is the reason he’s making the video to explain the things in a better way. Here is that thread:


Irfan bhai  asserted that he is NOT going to repeat his mistake of making the videos on religious or political issues, having learned from past mistakes

Junejo talked about how his political videos or the religious ones messed the things up in the past and this was why he decided to NOT make videos on such topics again. He also said that he strongly felt the need to cover the Hazara issue, the missing Shia people issue, the Holland issue but he did not make a video because of the decision he had made earlier because of the certain circumstances. The YouTuber also mentioned that in his opinion, his videos would not have had helped Kashmir directly so he didn’t make one. He also added to his statement by saying that he can tweet his opinion or make an Instagram story to highlight his stance BUT he will NOT make videos on politico-religious issues.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube

Junejo statistically highlighted his fame as one of the most loved Pakistani YouTubers and said that fame and money are of trivial importance for him

He said making videos on any topic like Kashmir, Hazara issue or the Shia people issue would have easily gotten him an exponential increase in the number of views and obviously money too.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


He simply said that Kashmir is not what he wants to use as content to generate money and views, he has an opinion on this particular issue which he has shared but he is NOT going to make a separate video on it

Junejo also pointed out the way certain activists are misusing their influence by forcing the people into something and have forgotten the cause or the intention of the actual thing. He said we all need to reevaluate the definition of the activism and should continue to work for the real cause instead of bashing others. He concluded the video by saying that this is his decision and now it’s all up to his subscribers to ‘cancel’ him or not.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube

People were NOT convinced at all and were not ready to buy his ideas


They continued to blame the YouTuber for amalgamating the different issues and for drawing meaningless comparisons


They even said that it’s NOT too difficult for someone like Irfan Junejo to speak for Kashmir as a human rights concern, even not a political matter


A lot of them argued that Junejo’s decision of not speaking on religious and political issues is still a political stance in its own


There are some Junejo fans who did try to defend him and explained that everything said by Junejo is being seen in a negative light unnecessarily


They said that it’s solely Junejo’s decision to select the content for his YouTube channel and the awaam should try being more tolerant and less judgmental

It is understandable that for fans who are so charged about the Kashmir issue and recent rising tensions with India want their heroes to speak up about all matters. Certainly, the chaotic situation in Kashmir is a humanitarian crisis and as a Junejo fan, I too would have loved to see him raising awareness on this particular issue. But I also get his point that making direct videos on controversial things will always negatively trigger some people so it’s best to use one’s platform sensibly instead of just raising voices and unnecessarily adding fuel to fire. So, Irfan bhai, stay strong, we are with you!


You can watch the complete comments by Irfan Junejo on Kashmir here


So, What’s your take on the issue? Please let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

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